Customer Care and Relational Outcomes of Entity Retail Enterprises

——Based on the Mediation Effect of Customer Experience

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS MARKET - HUANG Zhen (Beijing Technology and Business University,Beijing100048,China)

Abstract:In the era of experience,pursuing personalization and good experience has become the new trend of customer requirement. Taking cosmetic entity retail enterprises as the sample,female customs between 20 and 40 as the study object,and structural equation model as the method,the author carries out research on entity retail enterprises’customer care and relational outcomes,especially the different types of shopping experience and different level of customer care brought by the interaction between customer care expectation and care acceptation. It is found that:customer care has significant impact on customer experience;customer experience has significant impact on relational outcomes;and customer experience has the mediation effect on customer care and relational outcomes. Comparing to online retailing,entity retail enterprises have the advantages of providing all-round customer experience. So entity retail enterprises should pay more attention to customer experience in terms of concept and behaviors,have an insight into customers’requirement of care from the beginning of connection,provide customers with appropriate care,improve customer experience,and obtain the sustainable competitive advantages.

Key words:customer care;relational outcomes;customer experience;entity retail enterprises

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