An Empirical Study on the Influence of Online Evaluation on Consumer Purchase Intention

DU Hui-ying1,WANG Xing-fen1 and ZHUANG Wen-ying2 (1.Beijing Information Science and Technology University,Beijing100192,China;2.Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,Beijing100876,China)

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Abstract:The authors establish the structural model for the influence of online evaluation on consumer purchase intention and explore the influencing factors and their degree of influence from both the subject and object aspects. It is found that:online evaluation and the factor of sellers are the most important influencing factor that consumers can directly contact and perceive,and they have the most great impact on consumer decision- making;receivers’shopping experience and pattern of shopping,and online evaluation and public praise of the same commodity on different websites will have significant impact on consumer purchase intention;the impact of sellers related factors on purchase intension can be divided as the impacts of sellers’real time communication,overall credit,after sale service and evaluation feedbacks,and the explanation coefficient of them are all over 0.9;and evaluations of commodity belonging to the same class can be explained by such second level indicators as quantity, quality and estimation of commodity belonging to the same class. In practice,we should pay more attention to the impact of sellers,receivers,online evaluation,evaluation of commodity belonging to the same class,and evaluators on consumer purchase intension,and guide consumer purchase behavior.

Key words:online evaluation;consumer purchase intention;public praise;online feedback;Structural Equation Model

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