Visual Presentation and Mobile Commerce Consumer Satisfaction

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS MARKET - ——An Empirical Study Based on SOR model XU Hui-zhen

(Shantou Polytech,Shantou,Guangdong515078,China)

Abstract:The visual presentation of the website gives consumers the first impression,and decides their stay and satisfaction; and it is a critical shopping soft environment. Based on the SOR model of cognitive psychology,the author studies the effects of visual presentation on customer satisfaction in mobile shopping and its mechanism. The empirical analysis shows that the complexity of visual presentation has a significant negative impact on the satisfaction of mobile users,that is,the more complex the visual presentation,the lower the user satisfaction. The user's psychological cost perception plays a partial mediating role between visual presentation and satisfaction. To better promote the enterprises’mobile market experience,we should,first,simplify the content of mobile pages,highlight the important information,and try to demonstrate the information as simple and we can with the precondition that there is no negative impact on the functions;second,we should pay more attention to consumers’psychological feeling,and improve customers’experience from page arrangement,interface design,and navigation building;and third,we should adapt to the requirement of online market integration in the new era and choose the suitable mobile page technology.

Key words:mobile shopping;the complexity of visual presentation;psychological cost;satisfaction;loyalty

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