Meaning,Supporting Theory and Development Trend of “New Retail”from the Perspective of “Three-new”

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - SU Dong-feng

(Fuzhou University,Quanzhou,Fujian350708,China)

Abstract:From the perspective of“Three- new”,namely“new value”(consumer shopping value),“new synergy”( business ecological synergy),and“new technology”(internet + dynamic new technology),analysis on the practice of“new retail”shows that:under the background of modern IT development,with the help of adding such value creation links and factors as logistics and production,the application of such advanced internet+ technology as big data and AI,traditional retailers or ecommerce related sellers realize the synergy and integration,promote the formation of retail ecosystem,and create a new pattern of retail that can provide consumers with more shopping value. From the perspective of“new value”,the future development of “new retail”can create more functional shopping value,more shopping value of enjoying,and more social shopping value for consumers;from the perspective of“new synergy”,it will construct,manage and coordinate the perfect and healthy retail ecosystem,and promote the evolution of retail ecosystem based on giving full play to the role of customer strategic resources; and from the perspective of“new technology”,it will develop on the way to be newer and more special,and achieve the target of integrating physical commodity,service commodity and experience activities.

Key words:“new retail”;consumer’s shopping value;business ecosystem synergy;“internet+”dynamic new technology; retail innovation

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