The Characteristics of China’s Mobile Consumption and Its Future Development Trend

CHEN Xiu-zhen and HUANG Yan-hui (China International Electronic Commerce Center,Beijing100006,China)

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET -

Abstract:The popularizing rate of China’s mobile consumption has been gradually increased;mobile Apps has been development rapidly; mobile service has been enriched; mobile consumers have been increasingly permeated; and the characteristics of user behavior and demand have been demonstrated more obviously. The authors carry out big data mining based on users data of China Unicom. It is found that:people born in 1970s and 1980s are the main forces of mobile consumption,and the percentage of consumers who spend more than 2000 RMB per month has been increased;the mobile consumption is allweather behavior,consumers with different age,education background,capability for consumption,and brand of mobile phone will demonstrate different characteristics of consumption behavior,and the using time of users on such different mobile consumption platforms as e-commerce,group shopping,tourism,online hailed car and payment is different;apparel and digital products are the main mobile consumption goods,women’s dress and high-end electronic product can attract more users who use the mobile phone of Apple and Samsung;the development of service O2O market is very rapid,the taking-out market has been developed more rapidly,and the permeability of online tourism service market has been continuously improved. In the future, with the help of policy support,consumption upgrade and the improvement of network environment,the development trend of mobile consumption will be better,but the dividend of mobile traffic will gradually disappear,the market space will be narrowed,the development of mobile consumption market will enter the stage of stable development,which will be demonstrated as the cross-boundary-integration-oriented mobile consumption market,the resources-sharing-oriented development,and the internet-of-thing-oriented O2O consumption integration.

Key words:mobile consumption;big data mining;user characteristics;consuming behavior;consuming demand

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