Empirical Research on the Agricultural E-commerce Behavior and Influencing Factors about New Type of Management Main Body


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(China Agriculture University,Beijing100083,China)

Abstract:New type of agriculture management main body is the core for China’s agricultural product e- commerce development and the supply-side structural reform. Providing appropriate and effective policy support and encourage for different types of agricultural management main bodies is the urgent job for us to promote rural e-commerce development and agricultural supply-side structural reform. Using the orderly Logistic model,with the help of the survey data from 823 new bodies in Hubei province,the authors carry out the empirical analysis on the different cognitive behavior and their influencing factors. It is found that:different agricultural body has different cognitive behavior,and the cognitive behavior of family farms and e- commerce related planting large operators are stronger than that of cooperatives and agricultural enterprises;operation scale will have significant impact on the cognitive behavior of family farms and e- commerce related planting large operators,and industrial category will have on impact on that;on the contrary,the first one have no impact on cooperatives and agricultural enterprises and the latter one have significant impact on them. The external factors will have little and different impact on the cognitive behavior of agricultural management main body. To better promote the development of rural e- commerce development,we should,first provide rural e- commerce related technology lectures and promote the cognitive level of farmers;second,we should strengthen the related infrastructure for rural e-commerce and optimize the environment for technology popularization; and third,we should accelerate the cultivation of relate professionals and expand the social circle of agricultural management main bodies.

Key words:new type of agricultural management main body;agricultural e-commerce;behavioral difference;internal fac⁃

tors;external factors

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