The Research on Innovation Efficiency of Manufacturing Industries from the Perspective of Innovation Value Chain

——A Case Study on Hebei Province

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - XU Lei and SONG Zhi-jie (Yanshan University,Qinhuangdao,Hebei066004,China)

Abstract:The innovative activity is a complicated process with multiple main players,stages,inputs and outputs;and the innovative value chain can be divided as such three links as technological output,product output,and profit output. With the help of improved three- stage DEA method,the authors measure the innovative efficiency of 31 regions in China (Hong Kong, Macau,and Taiwan are not included) and 29 manufacturing industries in Hebei. It is found that:Hebei is the third echelon in terms of innovative efficiency,the innovative efficiency of technological output is comparatively low,two indexes of profit output is lower than the national average,and the innovative efficiency of product output is comparatively high;and the 29 manufacturing industries in Hebei can be divided into innovative high efficiency,media efficiency and low efficiency. Facing the opportunity of coordinated development in Beijing- Tianjin- Hebei region,Hebei province should give more support to high efficiency industries to improve innovative network,promote the resources integration of industries with low efficiency,and promote the industrial transformation and upgrade with the help of innovative resources of Beijing and Tianjin.

Key words:innovation value chain;innovation efficiency;the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei;DEA

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