The Trade Effect Analysis on International Logistic Performance

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - ——Based on the Empirical Test of Heckman Model LIU Yang1 and YIN Bao-qing2

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责任编辑:林英泽 (1.Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Science,Shanghai201318,China;2.Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics,


Abstract:With the help of Augmented Gravity Model,the authors analyze the trade effect of international logistic performance in 100 countries and regions in 2013. The regression of Heckman model shows that:first,international logistic performance can significantly improve bilateral trade flow,the international logistic performance coefficient of exporting countries is higher than that of importing countries,and empirical research with different regression methods and different level of economic entities demonstrates the robustness of this conclusion;and second,the subitem indicator of international logistic performance shows that the custom efficiency,logistic infrastructure and logistic development level of exporting countries will have significant positive effects on bilateral trade,custom efficiency of importing countries will be different according to different economic entities and regions,especially,the custom efficiency coefficient of importing countries in Central Asian regions in Europe is negative,while that in APEC regions is positive.

Key words:international logistic performance;trade effect;custom efficiency;Gravity Model

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