The Innovation Efficiency Evaluation of Strategic Emerging Enterprise

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(Jilin University,Changchun,Jilin130022,China)

Abstract:Strategic emerging industry is the important force for us to lead industrial transformation and upgrade in China; the innovation efficiency is the important indicator that can be used to measure industrial innovative vitality. From the micro angle,combining the existed fruits of innovation efficiency evaluation and with the help of DEA,the authors construct the indicator system and model of innovation efficiency evaluation of strategic emerging enterprises from such four aspects as efficiency,effectiveness,scale return,and projection analysis to analyze the innovative activities of 150 strategic emerging enterprises in northeast China. It is found that:the overall innovative efficiency in this area is low,and cause for that is the low technological efficiency;over 90% enterprises are DEA inefficient,and over 90% enterprises are on the side of scale economies; and the projection analysis shows that the less investment on science and technology related employees and R&D related employees leads to the low innovation efficiency. Based on this,the government should introduce preferential policy and countermeasures for strategic emerging industry;and the related enterprises should strengthen cultivation and introduction of excellent science and technological professionals and do their best to improve innovation efficiency.

Key words:strategic emerging industry;innovation efficiency evaluation;DEA;analysis of scale return;projection analysis

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