Research on the Integration Strategy of Entity Retailers based on Different O2O Modes

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - ——Taking Investigation on Bubugao,Yonghui and Tianhong as the Example


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北京:中国商报研究院, 2015.


(College of Economics & Management,China Agricultural University,Beijing10083,China)

Abstract:There are three different O2O modes of China’s entity retailers,such as self- built,adapted and "self- built & adapted". Because representative enterprises with different mode will be influenced by their own conditions and external environment,the O2O integration pattern will be diversified. But they will all focus on the upgrade of original supply chain system,and restructuring and adjusting from such aspects as strategic resources,channel function,operational mechanism, marketing strategy,information system,and organization and culture. The key points of different mode have their similarity and differences. The key point of self-build mode is the integration of online and offline resources;that of the adapted mode is the rational usage of partners’resources;and that of the self- build & adapted mode is coordinating the relation between self build and adapted. Entity retailers should choose the suitable integration pattern according to their own strategic target,and combine the supply chain resources,online and offline channel resources,and the brand image to adopt the effective integration strategy.

Key words:entity retailers;online and offline integration;self build;adapted;self build & adapted

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