Discussion on the Evolution Logic of Logistics Platform based on the Theory of Multilateral Market

HAN Jing-wei1,PANG Zong-yu2 and YIN Xiang-yu1,3 (1.Wterborne Transportation Institute,Beijing100088,China;2.University of Management and Technology,Washington, DC VA 22209-1609,USA;3.Capital University of Economics and Business,Beijing100070,China)

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Abstract:In the background of the rapid development of big data,Internet,and the Internet of Things,the logistic platforms, which are based on the Internet way of thinking and take decentralization and removing boundary as the characteristics,are rising gradually. From the angle of multilateral market,demand among logistic platform users are complement with each other;there exists cross-network externality;the fee of these logistic platforms are structural non-neutralized;and the logistic platforms have the effect of positive feedback. From the angle of logistic industry,logistic service is not standardized;it has path dependence on the demand of logistic demand;and the logistic platform should have the function of transaction and payment. To make the logistic platforms to be successful,we should start from finding out the pain point of this industry,obtain enough data in the short term,and complete the process of business digitalization;based on this,we should provide customers with suitable service with the help of big data,develop related derived business,expand the business of supply chain finance, and promote the platforms to play their positive role in promoting the update and transformation of logistics industry.

Key words:multilateral market;logistics platform;logic;pain point


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