Thinking on the Construction of Free Trade Port in China

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - ZHANG Shi-wen1 and CHENG Jian2

(1.University of International Business and Economics,Beijing100029,China;2.China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation,


Abstract:Free trade port is the new pattern of opening up introduced in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Exploring the development of free trade ports is the important measure for us to support the deepening implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and actively maintain the initiative in global free trade;it is the the new round of opening up and the important way for us to promote economic growth in the new normal. For free trade port and free trade area,though there are the similarities and correlations in terms of institutional design,there are some significant differences in terms of function and positioning. At present,the construction of China’s free trade port is still at the stage of exploration,and gaps with other famous free trade ports in the world are still significant. To explore the construction of China’s free trade ports,while learning from the traditional measures and patterns of other countries,we should keep pace with the times,endow reform with more decisionmaking power,formulate the suitable laws,implement high-level trade and investment policies,develop related services in an all round way,explore more off-shore business,implement flexible talent-related-policies,and construct free trade ports with Chinese characteristics and suitable to China’s current situation in the new era.

Key words:free trade port;free trade area;opening up;trade and investment;facilitation

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