The New Ecosystem of Cross-border E-commerce between EU and China based on Blockchain

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - ZHANG Yan-bin

(Dongbei University of Finance and Economics,Dalian,Liaoning116025,China)

Abstract:EU has been one of China’s important export and import market for many years;and China has kept close trade relation with EU. However,influenced by differences of market environment and structure in China and EU,the development of cross- border e- commerce between China and EU has lagged behind;the construction of harmonious and unified trade ecosystem has become the urgent requirement for us to promote the development of cross- border e- commerce between China and EU. Blockchain,the advanced coordination technology,can help us to breakthrough the bottleneck in developing cross- border ecommerce between China and EU;it can also lay the solid foundation for us to form the cross- border e- commerce ecosystem, which includes such five systems as comprehensive service platform system,credit risk management system,supply chain smart system,cross- border logistic system and custom supervision system. In this ecosystem,the technology of blockchain will in the bottom level,which will help the connection of other systems. At the same time,to better promote the development of cross-border e- commerce between China and EU with the help of blockchain,we have to fully understand the shortcoming of blockchain,and pay attention to technological innovation and the balanced development,external constraint and internal prevention. Only starting with the formulation of the unified blockchain standard for the long-term development of cross-border e-commerce between China and EU,should we better improve the efficiency of blockchain transaction and reduce the related security risk.

Key words:China;EU;cross-border e-commerce ecosystem;blockchain

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