Research on Innovation Capabilities and Agglomeration Characteristics among Exhibition Enterprises

ZHOU Yan1,YU Miao1 and HE Hui-wen2 (1.Beijing Union University,Beijing100101,China;2.Nankai University,Tianjin300074,China)

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET -

Abstract:The innovation capability of exhibition enterprises,the organization that provides special service,is of significant not only to their performance and sustainable development,but also to the innovative development,transformation and upgrade of the service industry. The empirical research on the service innovation capabilities and the effect of agglomeration of China’s exhibition enterprises shows that:first,there are such three dimensions of service innovation capabilities of exhibition enterprises as customer- oriented,marketing- oriented,and technology- oriented ones;second,the clustering analysis demonstrates such three types of exhibition enterprises as taking innovation in marketing as the main method and innovation in customer as the assistant method,taking innovation in technology as the main method and innovation in marketing as the assistant method,and taking innovation in customers as the main method and innovation in technology as the assistant method,and most of the first ones are located in Guangzhou and Xiamen,the second ones in Beijing,and the third ones in Shanghai;the third,design-andconstructionoriented exhibition enterprises depend more on marketing- oriented or customer- oriented innovation capabilities, and the sponsors and venue operators depend more on technology-oriented innovation capabilities;and fourth,private enterprises do a better job in strategy that taking marketing- oriented innovation as the main method and customer- oriented innovation the assistant method,while the multinational enterprises do a better job in strategy that taking technology-oriented innovation s the main method and marketing-oriented innovation as the assistant method.

Key words:exhibition enterprise;service innovation capabilities;agglomeration;customer- oriented innovation;market⁃ ing-oriented innovation;technology-oriented innovation

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