Research on the Application of Block Chain Technology in "the Belt and Road”Regional Logistics

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WANG Juan-juan and LIU Ping

(Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics,Lanzhou,Gansu730020,China)

Abstract:Economic cooperation leads to the increasingly wider supply- demand- gap in“the Belt and Road”regional logistic service. To solve this problem,we should carry out research on the suitability of the application of block chain in this field. From the angle of component element,the logistic main body and the current situation of logistic demand makes the block chain technology have the theoretical suitability. Starting from the application plan of every component element,and with the help of analogue simulation and AHP,the authors further testify the application of block chain technology from the level of practice. It is found that:this technology is helpful in promoting the transparence of logistic service and formulating the high- efficient logistic mechanism;it will lower the safety level of logistic process;and with the consideration of weight,the block chain technology will play the positive role in the“the Belt and Road”logistics,though there will be a certain gap comparing to the expected target. Comprehensively considering the irreversibility of demand quality evolution and the limit capability for regional economic development,in the field of“the Belt and Road”logistics,only with the precondition of governments’guidance in terms of formulating the safety mechanism of logistics and breaking through the “impossible trinity” with the help of technological R&D,will the application of block chain play its positive role.

Key words:block chain technology;the Belt and Road Initiative;logistics;decentralization

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