Blockchain Transportation:Taking Freight Logistics and the Market Governance as the Example

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TIAN Yi-shun1,2,ZHAO Guang-hui3 and SHEN Ling-yun4

(1.Research Institute of Highway,Ministry of Transport,Beijing100088,China;2.Shanghai Jiao tong University, Shanghai200240,China;3.GuiZhou University of Finance & Economics,Guiyang,Guizhou550025,China; 4.Qujing Normal University,Qujing,Yunnan430072,China)

Abstract:Freight logistics is the important components of China’s strategy for building China’s strength in transportation; the modernization of freight logistics will depend on the comprehensive application of new IT;and blockchain is just the classical one. The so called blockchain technology is not a new one,but a new technology combination based on Internet;it can help improve the efficiency and is the best bridge between virtual and real world. In China’s freight logistics market,we can,first, take advantage of the blockchain in terms of trust creation to effectively solve the problem of honesty and trust mechanism among transaction main bodies,and solve the problem of disordered market;second,we can take advantage of the blockchain in terms of high efficient transaction in payment to give full play to the role of freight logistic network in improving market transaction efficiency and promoting cost reduction and efficiency improvement;and third,we can take advantage of the blockchain in terms of distributed storage to perfect the trust mechanism and improve the capacity for logistic market supervision and management.

Key words:building China’s strength in transportation;blockchain;freight logistics;distributed structure;market governance

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