The Meaning,Consumer Driven and Evolutionary Path of “Sharing Retailing”

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - LAN Hai-yan1 and LIU Xu-ye2

(1.Liaoning University of Technology,Jinzhou,Liaoning120001,China;2.Wuhan Donghu University,


Abstract:In the booming of shared economy,Gome has won the Internet industry's highest accolade by virtue of the retail model of "social + business + benefit sharing",which emerged from the e-commerce melee in 2017. "Sharing retailing" has also been formally defined as the fifth generation of Gome business innovation model. The emerging of“sharing retailing”is not an accident;such three theories as sharing economy,retail rotation and the cycle of new retail can be used as the theoretical basis of sharing retailing. The“New Generation”middle class has become the main players of online consumption;consumers’right has won the dominant position;and consumption behavior pattern has been deeply changed. And all of these are the main driving forces of“sharing retailing”.“Sharing retailing”exists after single channel retailing,multi- channel retailing,cross- channel retailing,omni-channel retailing,and new retailing. It rebuilds the traditional management of goods yard,takes human being as the core,transforms from employer management to customer management,and meets the customers’diversified and individual requirement. It takes Big Data and AI as the basis,eliminates circulation losses among enterprises and within enterprises,and rebuilds the value of retailing. It establishes the multi-level sharing platform for the whole ecosystem,and realizes the OnlineMerge-Offline (OMO).“Sharing retailing”will promote reform and innovation in e-commerce enterprises and the physical retail enterprises,and form the business model of OMO.

Key words:sharing retailing;consumer driven;evolution path;OMO

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