The Theory and Practice of China's Logistics Industry Advanced Development During the 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up

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(Chang’an University,Xi’an710064,China) Abstract:Since 1978 China has experienced 40 years of reform and opening up of the logistics industry advanced development. It can be divided into three stages. The first one is the exploratory stage of institutional reform(1978—2001): reforming enterprise system and enhancing the vitality of enterprises accompanied by great changes in operational asset and organization which is caused by market survival pressure,introducing foreign third party logistics (3PL),and carrying out study and exploring the advanced development way of China’s logistics industry under the mutual promotion of domestic logistics scholars and operators. The second one is the mode integration innovation stage(2002—2012)taking China's accession to the world trade organization(WTO)as the symbol:the fear from "the wolf coming" to "dances with the wolves",the active participation in market competition during the process of taking advantage of 3PL,the integrated development of logistic business network node layout,and the exploration on different ways of industrial development. The third one is the network link green upgrade stage(2013—now)taking the deepening reform and the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative as the symbol: the integration of logistics chain,supply chain,supply chain integration and related industries,the application of big data to supporting such strategies of logistic center localization,storage and distribution,and the development of smart logistics. The advanced development of China’s logistic industry can not only help us to formulate related theories and ways of evolution,but also implement the Belt and Road initiative,testify the integration mechanism,and explore information technological upgrading to provide logistic integrated service with innovative upgrading driving forces and perfect the capacity cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road.

Key words:reform and opening up;logistics industry;advanced development;logistics integration;integration field

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