Research on the Business Mode of China Mobile Social E-commerce

——A Multiple Case Study

China Business and Market - - NEWS - LIU Xiang-rong

(1.Xiangtan University,Xiangtan411105,China;2.Xi’an Jiaotong University,Xi’an710061,China)

Abstract:The emerging mobile social networking business integrates the advantages of mobile Internet,social networking and e-commerce,and opens up new space for the development of the network economy. At present,constructing mobile social ebusiness model has become the first choice for many enterprises,and the academic community has little research on the business mode of mobile social networking business. On the basis of combing the research status of mobile social e-business and business models,the author constructs the business mode structure of mobile social networking providers. Applying 3W2H business model theory framework,in terms of the five basic elements of customer,target market,product service,value realization and profit, four representative mobile social e- commerce enterprises are investigated,and their business models are compared and systematized,and the effective empirical results are obtained. Aiming at the problems of fuzzy target market positioning,poor customer experience,weak supply chain management,flow entry and single profit mode,some suggestions are put forward for the development of mobile social e-commerce model in China:matching target market according to the characteristics of product service;strengthening the supply chain management to improve the efficiency and reduce cost;building a sharing economy based on trust;exploring multiple flow of flow entrance and profit mode to improve the mobile social e-commerce.

Key words:mobile social e-commerce;business model;customer experience;product service;flow entrance

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