The Effect of Different Types of Social Exclusion on Consumers’Shape Preference

HAO Fang,PANG Jun and LIU Xiao-mei (Renmin University of China,Beijing100872,China)

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Abstract:The shapes of product,package and brand logo have great influence on consumers’cognition of both brand and company. However,former studies didn’t pay more attention to the situation factors which could change consumers’preference for shapes. The authors examine the effect of the ignored or rejected experience on consumers’shape preference and the underlying mechanism. Across three studies,it is found that ignored consumers prefer products with angular design more than rejected consumers,and this effect is mediated by sense of power. Theoretically,the research extends the current literatures on different types of social exclusion and shape research. Besides,it is found that the angular shape is associated with power in the field of consumer behavior. Practically,the enterprises could take advantage of this conclusion to solve service failure problem concerning social exclusion,and further enhance consumers’willingness to buy and improve their degree of satisfaction by providing them with products and gifts with different kinds of shape design elements.

Key words:social exclusion;reject;ignore;round;angular;sense of power

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