The Degree of Carbon Intensity of China's Industries with Comparative Advantages in Exporting to EU

China Business and Market - - NEWS - ——Re-examination of the Pollution Haven Effect in China DENG Rong-rong

(University of South China,Hengyang421001,China)

Abstract:Based on the panel data of industries in China and EU28 from 2005 to 2016,the author verifies whether China has a "Pollution Haven Effect " in export to the EU based on the engine effect of the comparative advantage to the international

specialization from two standpoints. Results show that China's export-oriented comparative advantage to the EU is not high during the study period,so the "Pollution Haven Effect" has not yet been highlighted in China;however,there is a significant positive and negative impact of the industrial intensity and environmental regulation intensity on its export comparative advantage. Therefore,even there has not yet been "Pollution Haven Effect" for China's exports to the EU in the current situation,China has been also facing the potential threat of "Pollution Haven Effect" which is worthy of attention. In order to overcome the potential threat of "Pollution Haven Effect",on the one hand,it is necessary to further deepen the industrial structure,promote pollution control technology innovation,and foster a low-carbon-oriented industrial symbiosis system to reduce the carbon-intensiveness of various industries;on the other hand,it is necessary to reform the performance evaluation,optimize the government's environmental regulation structure,and coordinate the relationship between consumption,production and carbon emission reduction to further increase the intensity and effectiveness of government environmental regulation.

Key words:China;EU;comparative advantage;carbon-intensive industries;Pollution Haven Effect

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