The Choice of Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Channel and the Development of That

China Business and Market - - ニュース - XIAO Jian-hui

(Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic College,Guangzhou,Guangdong511450,China)

Abstract:In recent years,cross-border e-commerce is developing rapidly in China,which needs the support of efficient and smooth cross- border logistic service;and logistic channels such as international express,overseas location,and crossborder platform logistics have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are some problems with cross-border e-commerce logistics,such as the long delivery time,long channel,and different levels of service. In choosing cross- border e- commerce logistic channel,we should obey the principles such as taking customers’requirement as the start point,and making customers to make their own decisions,consider factors such as commodity attribute,the coverage and capability for customs clearance of logistic channel,customers’requirement,transaction frequency and scale,market breadth,and enterprises’strength,and rationally take advantage of these logistic channel. At present,to make innovation in and perfect the pattern of cross-border ecommerce logistic channel,we should establish the global cross- border e- commerce logistic system with integrated way of thinking,create the sound industrial environment for cross- border logistic industry by implementing multi- targeted and coordinated policies,strengthen project development and design of related products and services,and advance the application of IT and the construction of IT-based technology.

Key words:cross- border e- commerce;e- commerce logistics;cross- border logistics;the choices of logistic channel; cross-border logistic industry

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