The Construction and Empirical Test of the Integrated Development Mechanism of Cross-border E-commerce and Manufacturing Industry

China Business and Market - - ニュース - ZHAO Zhi-tian (Anyang Normal University,Anyang,Henan455000,China)

Abstract:The integrated development of cross- border e- commerce and manufacturing industry is a complicated and systematic process,which is based on the factors such as the establishment of resources acquisition,capacity building and system building. Among these three factors,resources acquisition is the key link;capacity building is the basis;cross- border ecommerce system is the core driving force;and all these three factors are interacting with each other during the process of integrated development. The empirical analysis on 206 manufacturing enterprises in Henan shows that the current integration level is low,and we should promote this development from three aspects such as resources acquisition,capacity building and relationship building. To further promote the integrated development of cross-border e-commerce and manufacturing industry, we should eliminate the barrier in the development of cross- border e- commerce,cultivate the specialized advantages of manufacturing enterprises,enhance the coordination of cross-border e-commerce value chain,and promote related enterprises to adopt new technologies of e-commerce.

Key words:cross-border e-commerce;manufacturing industry;integrated development;empirical test

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