The Effect of Service-oriented Global Manufacturing on International Trade

China Business and Market - - ニュース - ——the Empirical Research Base on the Perspective of Trade Gravity Model XIAO Ting

(Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics,Nanchang,Jiangxi330013,China)

Abstract:In the era of post financial crisis,facing the development dilemmas of real economy in the world,more and more manufacturing enterprises begin to increase product value by adding service factors,namely service- oriented manufacturing. With the increase of the proportion of service factor in real economy,the structure of exporting products inevitably demonstrates the character of service-oriented;and the importance of service-oriented industry in international trade has been increased. Based on data of G20,the author establishes the Trade Gravity Equation,and carries out analysis on the impact of service- oriented manufacturing on international trade. It is found that,service-oriented manufacturing has significant impact on foreign trade and it has become the important driving force for a country to integrate with international market. To better increase international competitiveness,in developing the service- oriented manufacturing,we should,first,pay more attention to shutting down outdated production facilities, promoting industrial upgrading, and avoid disordered development of service- oriented manufacturing in lower- end manufacturing;and second,we should expand to the upstream of value chain,such as R $D and design,strengthen obtaining and innovative R&D of new knowledge,increase the added value of higher- end manufacturing products,realize the matched development of supporting service,and provide higher- end manufacturing industries in medium and low income countries with high quality service.

Key words:service-oriented manufacturing;international trade;Trade Gravity Equation;FGLS

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