12306 phe­nom­e­non

12306现象 (12306xi­anx­i­ang)

China Daily (Canada) - - COMMENT -

Ev­ery year dur­ing the Spring Fes­ti­val travel peak, peo­ple com­plain about 12306, the of­fi­cial online train ticket book­ing sys­tem. This year has been no ex­cep­tion, with peo­ple com­plain­ing about a range of is­sues, from tem­po­rary crashes dur­ing peak hours to the com­pli­cated iden­tity ver­i­fi­ca­tion pro­ce­dure.

Even though prob­lems do ex­ist, the ef­forts made by the rail­way depart­ment to lis­ten to cus­tomers and ad­dress their con­cerns should not be ne­glected. More­over, tech­ni­cally speak­ing, it is not a sim­ple task to im­prove a real-time trad­ing sys­tem, es­pe­cially one on such a large-scale.

In essence, 12306’s predica­ment is not all of its own mak­ing. No mat­ter how much the book­ing sys­tem has im­proved, the in­ad­e­quate train ca­pac­ity and there­fore the odds of pas­sen­gers suc­cess­fully get­ting train tick­ets dur­ing the Spring Fes­ti­val travel rush has re­mained un­changed. There­fore, the book­ing sys­tem, to a cer­tain de­gree, is used as a “wall” for pas­sen­gers to vent their anx­i­ety at not pur­chas­ing a train ticket and their anger if they fail to do so.

This is not a unique phe­nom­e­non. But af­ter com­plain­ing and crit­i­ciz­ing the prob­lems that emerge dur­ing the coun­try’s re­form and de­vel­op­ment, it would be more ra­tional for peo­ple to calm down and cul­ti­vate a sense of “process adap­ta­tion” and then work out ways to solve the prob­lems.

Cer­tainly, the call for such aware­ness is aimed at cre­at­ing a pos­i­tive so­cial en­vi­ron­ment for re­form and de­vel­op­ment rather than to con­nive with slug­gish­ness and de­fend non­fea­sance. Take the 12306 book­ing sys­tem for ex­am­ple, as there are ques­tions and doubts from the pub­lic about whether it can de­velop a work­able sys­tem, it should con­sider out­sourc­ing or seek a part­ner in or­der to boost its ef­fi­ciency. No mat­ter what the re­sult is, such ef­forts will be a learn­ing process and help win pub­lic un­der­stand­ing.

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