Mi­crosoft closes a door on Win­dows

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Mi­crosoft Corp’s decision Mi­crosoftto cut the Corp’s Win­dows decision 7 op­er­at­ingto cut sys­temthe Win­dowsloose will 7 leave op­er­at­ing­nine out sys­te­mof 10 loose Win­dows will leave de­vices ninein Chi­naout of run­ning10 Win­dows with de­vices­lit­tle in or China no of­fi­cial run­ning support. with lit­tle or no Mi­crosoft­of­fi­cial support. onWed­nes­day sus­pended Mi­crosoft on “main­streamWed­nes­day support” sus­pendedof the prod­uct,“main­stream mean­ing support”nei­ther newof the fea­tures prod­uct,nor free mean­inghelp will nei­ther be given newto Win­dows fea­tures7 users.nor freeThe com­pa­ny­help will will be con­tin­ue­given to to Win­dows­patch se­cu­rity7 users. vul­ner­a­bil­i­tiesThe company un­til will 2020. con­tinue to The patch United se­cu­rity States-based­vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties company un­til hopes 2020. re­tir­ing the 5-year-oldThe United op­er­at­ing States­based sys­tem, which runs com­pa­nyon half hope­sof the re­tir­ing per­son­al­com­put­ers­glob­ally,the 5- year- old op­er­at­ing­will make way sys­tem,for later-gen­er­a­tionwhich runs on prod­uct­shalf of in­clud­ingthe per­sonal Win­dows com­put­ers10, a widely glob­ally, an­tic­i­pated will up­date make thatMi­crosoft­way for later-gen­er­a­tionpledged will con­tain prod­ucts many in­clud­ing tech­no­log­i­cal Win­dowsleaps. 10, a wide­lyBut an­tic­i­pat­ed­for most Chi­ne­se­up­date that users, Mi­crosoft it willmeanal­most pledged all willthe PCs, con­tain lap­tops manyand a tech­no­log­i­cal small num­ber of leaps. smart­phones are run­ningBut for with­out mos fullt Chi orig­i­nal- nese fac­tory users, support.it will mean almost Ac­cordingall the to PCs, cnzz.com,lap­tops an in­dus­tryand a small statis­tics num­ber site, of nearly smart­phones57 per­cent are of run­ning the Win­dows-based­with­out full orig­i­nal de­vices fac­to­ry­that have support. con­nected to the In­ter­net Ac­cordingin Chi­nato cnzz.com,are still an run­ningWin­dowsXP,in­dus­try statis­tics a site, sys­tem nearly Mi­crosoft57 per­cent stoppedof the Win­dows-basedup­grad­ing en­tirely last de­vices year. that With have Win­dows con­nected7, whichto the holds In­ter­ne­tan­other 38.3in per­centChina areof the still mar­ket, run­ning be­ing addedWin­dows to the XP, prod­uctsa sys­tem with­outMi­crosoft support, stopped95 per­cent up­gradin­gof the en­tirely Web-con­nect­ed­last year. Win­dows de­vicesWith Win­dowsin China 7, will which not holds­get full another tech­ni­cal 38.3 sup­port­per­cent fromMi­crosoft.of the mar­ket, be­ing added Lo­cal to cy­ber­se­cu­ri­tythe prod­ucts com­pa­nies, with­out support, in­clud­ing 95 Qi­hoop­er­cent 360 Tech­nol­o­gyof the Web-con­nect­edCo Ltd and Beijing Win­dows Ris­ing In­for­ma­tion­de­vices in China Tech­nol­ogy will Co not Ltd, get have­full tech­ni­cal­pro­vided se­cu­rity support up­dates­from Mi­crosoft.for Win­dows XP users in China Lo­cal since cy­ber­se­cu­rity Mi­crosoft com­pa­nies,ditched the prod­uct. in­clud­ing Qi­hoo Those 360 com­pa­nies Tech­nol­ogy have Co yet Lt­dto an­nounce­and Bei­jingif they Ris­ing will also In­for­ma­tion­patch Win­dows Tech­nol­ogy7 after 2020. Co Ltd, have pro­vided se­cu­rity Ni­cole up­datesPeng, for re­searchWin­dows di­rec­tor XP at users in­dus­tryin China con­sul­tancy since Mi­crosoft Canalys ditched China, the said prod­uct.most busi­nesses in China Those still com­pa­niesuse Win­dows have7. yet But to piracy an­nounce is­sues if and they the will Chi­nese also patch gov­ern­ment’sWin­dows 7 se­cu­rityafter 2020. con­cerns con­nected Ni­cole­with the Peng,use of re­search over­seas di­rec­tor soft­ware haveat in­dus­try­made it dif­fi­cult­con­sul­tancy forMi­crosoft. Canalys China, said Reg­u­la­torsmost busi­ness­es­banned Win­dowsin China 8 stillin gov­ern­men­tuse Win­dows pro­cure­ment7. But piracy deals is­suesin 2014 and and theare in­ves­ti­gat­ingChi­nese gov­ern­ment’sif the company’s se­cu­rity Of­fice con­cerns soft­ware con­nectedand Win­dows with sys­tems the haveuse of vi­o­lated over­seasthe an­titrust­sof twarelaws. have Charlie made Dai,it dif­fi­cult prin­ci­pal­for Mi­crosoft. con­sult­ing an­a­lyst at For­rester Reg­u­la­tors Re­search, banned said Win­dowsalthough the8 in­ves­ti­ga­tionin gov­ern­ment could pro­cure­mentset back Mi­crosoft’sdeals in China 2014 business,and are lo­cal in­ves­ti­gat­ing ven­dors will if still the find company’sit dif­fi­cult Of­fice to soft­wa­reedge into the­mar­ke­tand Win­dows be­cause sys­tems soft­ware have prod­uctsvi­o­lated from the the an­titrustUS company laws. are al­ready Charlie tightly Dai, in­te­grat­ed­prin­ci­pal con­sulting­into many business an­a­lyst ap­pli­ca­tions.at For­rester Re­search, said although the in­ves­ti­ga­tion could set back Mi­crosoft’s China business, lo­cal ven­dors will still find it dif­fi­cult to edge into the mar­ket be­cause soft­ware prod­ucts from the US company are al­ready tightly in­te­grated into many business ap­pli­ca­tions.

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