Crack­down on law­less lawyers

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Be­hind some re­cent sen­si­tive so­cial events are some groups of “pe­ti­tion­ers” who ma­nip­u­lated public opin­ion us­ing fake in­for­ma­tion, pol­luted cy­berspace and dis­turbed the so­cial or­der for their per­sonal in­ter­ests. They should be brought to jus­tice for tak­ing ad­van­tage of ne­ti­zens’ sym­pa­thy and try­ing to make a mock­ery of jus­tice.

Some lawyers played a lead­ing role for the pe­ti­tion­ers’ groups and thus vi­o­lated the very same lawthey are sup­posed to up­hold. Lawyers are so­cial­ist le­gal work­ers and ma­jor par­tic­i­pants in and pro­mot­ers of the rule of law. But some lawyers tend to “take a short cut” for per­sonal in­ter­ests and build their rep­u­ta­tion. By do­ing so, they cre­ate trou­ble and pro­voke tur­bu­lence in the name of “safe­guard­ing le­gal rights” or “public in­ter­ests”.

Such be­hav­iors, which are de­lib­er­ate vi­o­la­tions of the law, are least ex­pected from lawyers. It is im­pos­si­ble to seek the truth by cre­at­ing trou­ble or get a rul­ing by us­ing illegal meth­ods. Up­hold­ing and pro­mot­ing the law­should be the pro­fes­sional pur­suit of lawyers. For that, lawyers have to re­spect the lawand study le­gal ar­ti­cles and court cases, in­stead of adopt­ing un­law­ful out-of-court means to achieve their ends.

Some lawyers in­cited the so-called pe­ti­tion­ers to put pres­sure on the author­i­ties and at­tempted to achieve their goals through illegal means. This is an af­front to the lawand goes against the spirit of the rule of law.

Our so­ci­ety has seen some prob­lems and con­flicts dur­ing key pe­ri­ods of re­form, and ad­mit­tedly some lo­cal author­i­ties have failed to prop­erly deal with them. Howto tackle the prob­lems? This is what re­spon­si­ble and pro­fes­sional lawyers should be delv­ing on, rather than try­ing to sen­sa­tion­al­ize the prob­lems and use them to cre­ate sen­si­tive po­lit­i­cal events. Such at­tempts will not help solve the prob­lems but cre­ate more se­ri­ous prob­lems.

To pro­mote the rule of lawin an all-round way, lawyers are obliged to help build a so­cial en­vi­ron­ment in which prob­lems are dealt with through le­gal means and meth­ods. The fail­ure of some to do so has prompted public se­cu­rity bu­reaus to crack down on the law­less lawyers.

The ar­ti­cle first ap­peared in Peo­ple’s Daily on Sun­day.

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