Golden Gold­enWeek Week loses loses its its glit­ter glit­ter in­Hon­gin Hong Kong Kong

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It was a luke­warm Golden Week for the Hong Kong Spe­cial It Ad­min­is­tra­tive­was a luke­warm Re­gion Golden as Week­the num­ber­for the of Hong visi­tors Kong to Spe­cial the city re­mained Ad­min­is­tra­tive stag­nant Re­gionat lev­els as the seen num­ber­dur­ing theof vis­i­torssame pe­ri­odto the a city year re­mainedear­lier. stag­nant at lev­els Con­found­ingseen dur­ing the the same SAR’s pe­ri­od­woes werea year re­ports ear­lier. from sev­eral Con­found­in­glead­ing re­tail­ers the SAR’s about woes slug­gish were sales. re­ports from sev­eral lead­ing The re­tail­er­sHong Kong about SAR slug­gish Immigration sales. Depart­ment said on Wed­nes­dayThe Hong Kongthat dur­ingSAR Immigration the first six Depart­ment­days of the Na­tion­al­said on Wed­nes­dayDay hol­i­day start­ingthat dur­ingOct 1, the the firstc­ity re­ceived­six days moreof the than Na­tional1 mil­lion Day hol­i­day visi­tors start­ingfrom the Oct main­land,1, the city re­ceive­dor 3.26 more per­cent than 1 moremil­lion than vis­i­torslast year. from the main­land, The or hol­i­day,3.26 per­centalso known more as thanthe Gold­enWeek,last year. is one of the longestThe hol­i­day, na­tion­wide­also known hol­i­daysas the and Gold­e­nan im­por­tant Week, peakis one sea­sonof the­for longestHong na­tion­wideKong’s tourismhol­i­days in­dus­try. and an im­por­tant peak

Six days into the Golden sea­sonWeek, for Hong Hong Kong Kong’s record­ed­tourism 2.45 in­dus­­lion visi­tors ar­riv­ing in the Six city, days 5.82 into per­cent the less Golden than Week,the same Hong pe­riod Kong in 2014. recorded The 2.45 busiest mil­lion day vis­i­tor­swas Oct ar­riv­ing2, whenin the 443,640city, 5.82 visi­tors per­cent passed less bor­derthan the check same points. pe­riod Amon­gin 2014. them,The busiest 202,703, day or was 45.69 Oct 2, per­cent,when 443,640came from vis­i­tors­the main­land.passed bor­der check­Yet on points.the street Among level, them, this 202,703,Golden Weekor 45.69 was per­cent,less glar­ing­came from than the the main­land.pre­vi­ous ones. Few main­landYet on the shop­persstreet level,were seen­this Golden queu­ing Weekup out­side­was less the glar­ing lux­ury than stores the along pre­vi­ous Can­ton ones. Road Few in main­landTsim Tsa Tsui, shop­per­sone of werethe city’sseen queu­ing­prime shop­pin­gup out­side hot the spots. lux­ury stores “This along year Can­ton Hong Road Kon­gin Tsim re­ceived Tsa a Tsui,lot of one tran­sitof the pas­sen­ger­sc­ity’s prime and shop­ping­many hot other spots. visi­tors are“This sin­gle-day year re­turns. Hong That Kong is re­ceived­why this a Gold­enWeek­lot of transit ap­pearspas­sen­gers to be and qui­eter,” many JosephTungYaochung,other visi­tors are sin­gle-day ex­ec­u­tive re­turns. di­rec­tor Thatat theis why Travel this In­dus­tryGolden Week Coun­cil ap­pears of to HongKong,be qui­eter,” told Joseph China Tung Daily. Yaochung, Ac­cord­ing ex­ec­u­tiveto Tung, di­rec­torthe fac­tat the that Travel many In­dus­try des­ti­na­tions Coun­cilin theof re­gion re­laxed visa ap­pli­ca­tion Hong thresh­olds Kong, to told main­landChina Daily. tourists Ac­cord­ing­has changedto Tung,the game.the “It’sfact that now many much eas­ier des­ti­na­tion­sto visit in coun­tries the re­gion such re­laxedas Ja­pan,visa ap­pli­ca­tionSouth Korea thresh­old­sand even to the main­land United tourist­sS­tates. Com­pe­ti­tion­has changed is the fierce game. for “It’s HongKong,”now muchhe said. eas­ier to visit coun­tries How­ever, such Ma­cao,as Ja­pan, the South peer Kore­ac­ity of and Hong even Kong, the recorded United States. 799,717 Com­pe­ti­tion­main­land is tourists fierce for from Hong Oct Kong,”1 to 6, he 6.3 said. per­cent more How­ever, com­pared Ma­cao, with the 2014.peer city To­tal of Hong visi­tors Kong, ar­riv­ing recorde­dat 799,717Ma­cao main­lan­dalso in­creased tourists 1.8 fromper­cent Oct 1 year-on-yearto 6, 6.3 per­centto 938,197more com­pared­dur­ing the same with pe­riod.2014. To­tal visi­tors Gre­gory ar­riv­ingSo Kam-le­ung,at Ma­cao al­sosec­re­tary in­creased­for com­merce1.8 per­cent and yearoneco­nomic de­vel­op­mentto 938,197 duringof Hongthe same Kong, pe­riod.said on Tues­day that the city Gre­go­ryneeds to So de­vel­opKam- le­ung,more sec­re­tary at­trac­tions for to com­merces­tay com­pet­i­tive.and eco­nomicHe added de­vel­op­ment­bad weath­erof Hon­galso has Kong, af­fected said on the Tues­day hol­i­day that at­mos­phere.the city needs to de­velop more Tung at­trac­tion­s­said protest­sto stay again­st­com­pet­i­tive. main­land He tourist­sadded bad ear­lier weath­erthis also year has did af­fect­ed­not drive the hol­i­dayvis­i­tors away, as such ac­tiv­i­ties in­volved at­mos­phere. “only very few peo­ple” Tung and said “HongKong protests in again­st­gen­eral main­land wel­comes tourists tourists”. ear­lier this year He did said not that drive with visi­tors dis­counts away, of­fered,as such ho­tels ac­tiv­i­tiesin the in­volvedSAR still man­aged“only very to few­fill 80 peo­ple”to 90 per­cent and “Hon­gof their Kong gen­eral“The key wel­come­sis to do tourists”.more pro­mo­tions and at­trac­tHe said more that overnightwith dis­countsvis­i­tors. We of­fered, have ho­tels con­fi­den­cein the SARin lo­cal still cater­ing man­aged andto fill shop­ping80 to 90 of­fers. per­cent Hong of Kong their is rooms.still one “The of keythe topis to choic­esdo more for pro­mo­tion­s­main­land tourists.” and at­tract more overnight visi­tors. We Other have sec­tors con­fi­denceare not in so localop­ti­mistic. cater­ing Aheadand shop­pin­gof the week­long of­fers. hol­i­day,Hong Kong the is Hongstill one Kon­gof the Re­tail top Man­age­men­tAs­so­ci­a­tion­choices for main­land tourists.” fore­casted Other “a sec­tors sin­gle-dig­itare not to so a op­ti­mistic.low dou­ble-digit Ahead dropof the in week­longsales value” hol­i­day,for most­the Hon­gof the Kong mem­ber Re­tail com­pa­nies Man­age­ment dur­ing As­so­ci­a­tion­the Golden Week fore­casted com­pared“a sin­gle-dig­itwith the sameto a pe­ri­od­low dou­ble-dig­it­last year. drop in sales value” for most of the mem­ber com­pa­nies dur­ing the Golden Week com­pared with the same pe­riod last year.

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