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Li Li Caisheng Caisheng knows knows well well how how hard hard and and time-con­sum­ing time-con­sum­ing the the task task of of spray­ing spray­ing pes­ti­cides pes­ti­cidesin thein the farm­land farm­land could could­get. get.

The The founder founder of of Shen­zhenShen­zhen Ea­gle Ea­gle Brother Brother UAV UAV TechnologyTechnology Co, Coa par­tic­i­pan­tLtd, an ac­tivein the de­vel­op­ment­par­tic­i­pant of in agri­cul­tur­althe de­vel­op­ment un­mannedof agri­cul­tur­alaerial ve­hi­cles, un­mannedor farm drones,aerial ve­hi­cles,was born or in a farm peas­ant drones, fam­ily. was bornLi be­lievesin a peas­ant there fam­ily.is an ur­gent needLi be­lieves­for an ef­fi­cient­there is al­ter­na­tivean ur­gent needto the for oner­ou­san ef­fi­cient farm­land al­ter­na­tive­task. to theIt is oner­ous re­ported farm­landthat work task. ef­fi­cien­cyIt is of re­port­ed­farm drones that can work reach ef­fi­ciency40 times com­paredof farm dron­esto hu­mans,can reach while 4050 per­cent­times com­paredof pes­ti­cideto hu­mans,and 90 per­cent while of 50 wa­ter per­cent can beof pes­ti­cidesaved. and 90 per­cent of wa­ter That’s can why,be he saved. founded Ea­gle Brother.That’s why The he agri­cul­tur­al­founded Ea­gle UAV busi­ness­sec­tor, Li op­por­tu­ni­ti­es­thinks, of­fers as hugewell. “The busi­ness mar­ket opportunitiesfor agri­cul­tur­alas well. UAVs “The could mar­ket reach­for agri­cul­tur­al­hun­dreds of bil­lion­sUAVs couldof yuan. reach There hun­dred­sis a huge of space bil­lions out of there yuan. to There ex­plore.”is a huge space The out Shen­zhen-basedthere to ex­plore.” com­pany The­has ex­panded Shen­zhen-based­not only in com­pa­nythe do­mes­tic­mar­ket­but­toMalaysi­a­has ex­panded not only andThai­land.in the do­mes­tic mar­ket but to Malaysi­aWith the and ac­cel­er­a­tionThai­land. of the agri­cul­tur­alWith the ac­cel­er­a­tion mod­ern­iza­tionof the process, agri­cul­tural de­mand mod­ern­iza­tion­for ad­vanced farm­ing process, devices de­mand has for been ad­vanced­grow­ing farm­ing sig­nif­i­cantly devices in­China.has been grow­ing The sig­nif­i­cant­lyChina Scien­cein China. Daily re­port­edThe Chi­nalast month Sci­ence that about Daily 100,000 re­ported unit­slast mon­thof agri­cul­tur­althat about UAVs 100,000 will be units neededof agri­cul­tur­alby 2020. UAVs Sens­ing­will be a needed po­ten­tial by 2020. op­por­tu­nity, Sensinga a num­ber po­ten­tial of op­por­tu­nity,drone mak­ersa num­ber­are step­pin­gof drone into mak­er­s­the mar­ket.are step­ping into the mar­ket.

In In Novem­ber Novem­ber 2015 Shenz201 5 , Shen­zhen-based DJI, the world’s level largest drones, maker launche­dof con­sumer-lev­elits first agri­cul­tur­al­drones, launched drone, its the first MG-1, agri­cul­tural mark­ing drone,its the di­ver­si­fi­ca­tionMG-1, mark­ing into its the di­ver­si­fi­ca­tion in­dus­try-level into drone the mar­ket. in­dus­try-level drone mar­ket.

The The Min­istry Min­istry of of Agri­cul­ture Agri­cul­ture is­sued is­sued an an ac­tion ac­tion plan planin to in zero Fe­bru­aryby 2020. 2015 to curb the in­creaseThe planin pes­ti­cide en­vis­ages us­age pro­mo­tion to zero of by use 2020. of mod­ern agri­cul­tural The plan ma­chin­ery, pro­motes in­clud­ingthe use of UAVs, mod­ern to agri­cul­tur­alen­hance the ma­chin­ery,uti­liza­tion in­clud­in­gra­tio of UAVs, pes­ti­cidesto en­hance­while re­duc­ingthe uti­liza­tion their ra­tio use. of pes­ti­cides while The re­duc­ing Chi­nese their gov­ern­men­tuse. has The also Chi­nese moved gov­ern­mentto of­fer sub­si­dies has also movedto en­cour­ageto of­fer sub­si­diesuse of dron­esto en­cour­agein agri­cul­ture.use of drones in agri­cul­ture.In He­nan prov­ince, for in­stance,In He­nan farm­ers prov­ince,are given for sub­si­dies in­stance, to farm­er­scover 30 are per­cent given of sub­si­di­es­the cost to of cover farm 30 drones, per­cent in of ad­di­tion­the cost of to farm sub­si­dies drones, fromin ad­di­tion­the lo­cal to govern­ment.sub­si­dies from the lo­cal govern­ment.But Li be­lieves the high cost of But agri­cul­tur­alLi be­lieves UAVs­the high could cost poseof agri­cul­tural prob­lems. UAVsA farm could drone pose could prob­lems. cost A any­where­farm drone be­tween could ten­scost any­whereof thou­sands be­tweenof yuan tens to of hun­dreds thou­sands of of yuan thou­sand­sto hun­dred­sof Thisof thou­sands­fac­tor couldof im­pedeyuan, tak­ing­wide ap­pli­ca­tionit be­yond theof the reach aeri­alof smallscaletech­nol­ogy. planters. This fac­tor could im­pede “Poor wide sup­port ap­pli­ca­tion ser­vices,of the in­cludin­gaerial tech­nol­ogy. or­di­nary af­ter-sales ser­vice,“Poor is sup­por­t­also a big chal­lenge ser­vices, for in­clud­ingthe de­vel­op­men­tor­di­nary af­ter-sale­sof the in­dus­try,”ser­vice, is al­soLi said.a big chal­lenge for the Some de­vel­op­ment­mar­ket of re­searchers,the in­dus­try,” how­ever,Li said. point out farm drones Some may mar­ket not re­searchers,be the best so­lu­tion how­ever, in pointall re­gion­sout farm now. drones may In not placesbe the wherebest so­lu­tion agri­cul­ture in all re­gion­sis in­ten­sive,now. like western Xin­jiangIn places re­gion, where agri­cul­ture ad­van­tages is of in­ten­sive, pes­ti­cide­like western spray­ing Xin­jiang,by drones ad­van­tage­sare ob­vi­ous,of pes­ti­cide said spray­ingJean Xiao, by a drones re­searchare ob­vi­ous, an­a­lyst sai­dat mar­ketJean Xiao, in­tel­li­gencea re­search an­a­lyst firm at IDC. mar­ket in­tel­li­gence firm IDC.

“But in re­gions like Guang­dong Con­tact prov­ince,the writer whereat @ farm­lands chi­nadaily.com.cnare rel­a­tively scat­tered

Li Li Caisheng, Caisheng, founder founder of of Shen­zhen Shen­zhen Ea­gle Ea­gle Brother Brother UAV Tech­nol­o­gyUAV Tech­nol­o­gyCo Ltd Co Ltd

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