How Moutai is made

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There are two parts to the fer­men­ta­tion process: one is to make qu (a nat­u­ral kind of yeast) from wheat, and the other is to mix qu with sorghum.

The fer­ment­ing mix­ture is dis­tilled seven times through­out the year, with each batch stored in a sep­a­rate con­tainer. The fla­vor of the liquor changes slightly de­pend­ing on the sea­son in which it is dis­tilled.

The dis­tilled bai­jiu is stored for three to four years in jars made of earth­en­ware, which al­lows the al­co­hol to breathe and be­come soft and rich.

Blend­ing masters taste and run chem­i­cal test­ing on the liquor from the dif­fer­ent batches to de­vise a blend­ing recipe. Al­co­hol from at least 120 con­tain­ers is then blended in 120-met­ric-ton vats.

Af­ter blend­ing, the Moutai is stored for a fur­ther six months, bot­tled and then shipped to stores na­tion­wide.

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