MIS­SION: Craft to Tian­gongen­ter higher II or­bit space to lab pick to up be as­tro­nauts launched

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fu­ture manned space sta­tion, Wu China said. will launch the Tian­gong In ad­di­tion,II space it lab­o­ra­to­ry­will carry on 14 Thurs­day­p­ieces of night, equip­ment paving for the sci­en­tificway for a Chi­nese re­search mannedand ex­per­i­mentss­pace sta­tion, in space, Deputy she Direc­toradded. Wu Ping of Afterthe China en­ter­ing Mannedan Space ini­tial Agen­cy­or­bit at said abou­ton Wed­nes­day.380 kilo­me­ters aboveWu, Earth,also spokeswom­an­the space lab will­for the per­form agency, some told re­porter­sof its ex­per­i­mentsat a news con­fer­ence­and also in test the its Ji­uquan equip­ment. Satel­lite Launch Cen­ter that a LongIt will March then 2F ma­neu­ver­car­rier rock­etto a was ren­dezvous­be­ing fu­eled or­bit an­dat an would al­ti­tude lift the of Tian­gong393 km to II dock from with­the Ji­uquan­the Shen­zhou cen­ter on XI 10:04 mannedpm Thurs­day. space­craft, which will be launched“By now, all in of mid-Oc­to­berthe mis­sion’s el­e­ments­from the have Ji­uquan com­pleted cen­ter. their The prepa­ra­tionstwo male Chi­ne­se­and re­hearsals,” as­tro­nauts she will said. stay in the space lab for 30 days. “The Tian­gong II mis­sion will The lay twoa solid are foun­da­tion sched­uled and to gath­er­make valu­able Chi­nese ex­pe­ri­ence as­tro­nauts’for the long­est build­ing stay andin space op­er­a­tionto date:of our33 days. fu­ture Chi­nese manned as­tro­nauts’space sta­tion,” cur­rent she longest­said. space jour­ney was Tian­gonga 15-day II, mis­sion China’s in sec­ond June space2013 lab, in­volv­ing­has two Shen­zhou­cab­ins with X dif­ferentand Tian­gong func­tionsI. — the ex­per­i­ment Tian­gong­cabin will II be will her­met­i­callyalso take sealed­part in and in­ter­na­tion­al­will act as the mis­sions.as­tro­nauts’ Wu liv­ing­said the quar­ters, space and­lab willthe re­source­carry the cabin world’swill con­tain­first high­sen­si­tiveso­lar pan­els, stor­age gamma-ray­bat­ter­ies, pro­pel­lant burst de­tec­tor,and en­gines. which was code­vel­oped The by space en­gi­neer­slab is 10.4 from me­ters China high, and 3.35 me­ters Euro­peanin di­am­e­ter Space and Agency. weighs 8.6 met­ric tons. It is de­signedIt will al­soto work ex­e­cute two an years in-or­bitin the space, study Wu of said. the ef­fects of weight­less­nessChina launched on its car­dio­vas-first space lab, Tian­gong I, in Sep­tem­ber 2011. De­spite its des­ig­nated life span of two years, it was in ser­vice for four and a half. It made six au­to­matic and as­tro­naut­con­trolled dock­ings with China’s Shen­zhou VIII, Shen­zhou IX and Shen­zhou X space­craft.

Dur­ing its mis­sion, Tian­gong II will dock with the Shen­zhou XI manned space­craft and Tianzhou 1 cargo space­ship.

The space lab’s main tasks will be to ac­com­mo­date as­tro­nauts’ medium length stay in it and test life-sup­port tech­nolo­gies, and it will be used to test in-or­bit re­fu­el­ing and re­pair plans, con­duct ex­per­i­ments in space medicine and space sci­ences, and ex­am­ine tech­nolo­gies for the fu­ture manned space sta­tion, Wu said.

In ad­di­tion, it will carry 14 pieces of equip­ment for sci­en­tific re­search and ex­per­i­ments in cu­lar space, func­tions,she added.a joint ef­fort by Af­ter Chi­nese en­ter­ing and an French ini­tial sci­en­tists,or­bit at about she 380 added. kilo­me­ters above Earth, Space the ex­pertss­pace lab and will of­fi­cialsper­form some from of sev­er­al­its ex­per­i­ments na­tions and in­cludin­galso test its Ger­many, equip­ment. Italy and Pak­istan, It willas well then as ma­neu­ver­the Euro­peanto a ren­dezvousS­pace Agency or­bit willat an be al­ti­tudein the of Ji­uquan393 km cen­terto dock to with wit­ness­the Shen­zhouthe launch. XI manned space­craft, China’s which will mannedbe launched spacein mid-Oc­to­ber­pro­gram in­tends­from the to Ji­uquan­put a cen­ter. per­ma­nen­tThe two manned­male Chi­nese space as­tro­nautssta­tion into will ser­vice.stay in the It space will lab con­sist­for 30 of days. a core mod­ule at­tachedThe two to are two sched­uled20-ton labs,to make around Chi­nese the as­tro­nauts’year 2022,long­est ac­cord­ingstay in spaceto the to manned­date: 33 days. space agency.

The Tian­gong II mis­sion will lay a solid foun­da­tion and gather valu­able ex­pe­ri­ence for the build­ing and op­er­a­tion of our fu­ture manned space sta­tion. deputy di­rec­tor of

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