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“No. Maybe, eat less meat. I’m optimistic. Bad and good are all sub­jec­tive and if you think some­thing’s bad, then it will be.”

“Yes. My daugh­ter works in this field and re­minds me all the time. All the lights in my of­fice shut down au­to­mat­i­cally when I’m not here. I try to min­i­mize my con­sump­tion of the world.”

“No! I think sci­en­tists in the UK should be paid more. Sci­en­tists don’t get much com­pared with the US and even China.”

“I get of­fers but I’ve lived here for so long and Lon­don is my home. But, we sci­en­tists are very global and I like to spend time in lots of dif­fer­ent places. Maybe, New Zealand when I’m older.”

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