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Per­fec­toPer­fecto Yasay told a news news con­fer­ence,con­fer­ence, ac­cord­ing ac­cord­ingto Reuters. “And “Andthis is this pre­cise­lyis pre­cisely why we wh­yare hope­ful.”we are hope­ful.”

Chi­naChina and and As­so­ci­a­tion As­so­ci­a­tion of of South­east South­east Asian Asian Na­tions Na­tions mem­bersmem­bers started started work work on theon the code codeof con­ductof con­ductin 2003. Yasay Yasay­said Chi­na­said Chi­na­had been had been “very “co­op­er­a­tive”very co­op­er­a­tive”in the the process.Yasay also said his coun­try won’t Yasay raise also last said year’shis coun­try in­ter­na­tional won’t ar­bi­tra­tionraise last year’s rul­ing on in­ter­na­tional the SouthChi­naSead­ur­ingASEANar­bi­tra­tion rul­ing on sum­mit­the Southtalks that China Mani­laSea dur­ing will host ASEANthis year. He sum­mit­said press­ingtalks thatthe rul­ing Mani­laat the­meet­ing­will host wouldthis year. He said press­ing the rul­ing at the meet­ing would be “sim­ply coun­ter­pro­duc­tive for our pur­poses”.

Bei­jing re­jected the rul­ing in be the “sim­ply ar­bi­tra­tion coun­ter­pro­duc­tive­case, which was­for our uni­lat­er­al­ly­pur­poses”. brought by the Bei­jing Philip­pines, re­jected and the said rul­ing the tri­bunal’sin the ar­bi­tra­tion rul­ing case, can­not which be the was ba­sis uni­lat­er­al­lyof any dis­cus­sions.brought by the Chen Philip­pines, Qinghong,and said the a re­searcher­tri­bunal’s rul­ing of can­not Philip­pinebe the stud­ies­ba­sis of anyat dis­cus­sions.the China In­sti­tutes Chen of Qinghong, Con­tem­po­rarya re­searcher In­ter­na­tion­alof Philip­pine stud­ies Re­la­tions,at the said China re­cent In­sti­tutes pro­gres­sof Con­tem­po­raryon the South In­ter­na­tion­alChina Sea is­sue Re­la­tions,can be said largely re­cent at­trib­uted pro­gressto the on shift­the Southof Manila’s China stance.Sea is­sue can be largely Philip­pine at­trib­uted Pres­i­dentto the shift ofManila’sRo­drigo Dutertes­tance. has taken steps Philip­pineto mend Pres­i­dent re­la­tions Ro­drigo with China Duterte since has tak­ing taken of­fice steps to in mendJune. re­la­tions with China since “So tak­ing­far, we of­fice judge in June.that China’s “So dou­ble­far, we judge chan­nel thatChina’s strat­egy dou­ble-chan­nelis ef­fec­tive,” he said, strat­egy re­fer­ringis ef­fec­tive,”to Bei­jing’s he stance­said, re­fer­ringthat Southto Bei­jing’sChina Sea stance dis­putesthat SouthChina should be ne­go­ti­at­edSea dis­putes by should coun­triesbe ne­go­ti­ated­di­rectly in­volved,by coun­tries while di­rectly China in­volved,and ASEAN while should China workand ASEAN to­gether shouldto main­tain­work to­gether peace to in main­tainthe sea. peace in the sea.


Vice-For­eign Min­is­ter Liu Zhen­min an­swers re­porters’ ques­tions in Bei­jing on Wed­nes­day at a news con­fer­ence on the State Coun­cil In­for­ma­tion Of­fice’s pub­li­ca­tion of a white pa­per on China’s Asia-Pa­cific se­cu­rity co­op­er­a­tion.

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