Ejiao can be pre­pared, con­sumedin a va­ri­ety of ways

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Ejiao Cake

Hard­ened ejiao is bro­ken up and dis­solved with rock sugar in boil­ing wa­ter. The ejiao can also be cooked in Chi­nese rice wine. The re­sult­ing so­lu­tion is then eaten, some­times sweet­ened with more honey. This is the most tra­di­tional way to take ejiao.

Some­times, pieces of ejiao are added to soup or con­gee as a sup­ple­ment.

Pills and Vials

All types of pills and ready-made solutions in vials are now eas­ily avail­able in Chi­nese phar­ma­cies.

Ejiao Dates

Chi­nese ju­jubes or dates are cooked in ejiao and sugar. These are then dried and sold as eas­ily af­ford­able con­fec­tionery. These can­died fruits are very sticky.

EjiaoWal­nut and Sesame Cakes

These chewy sweets are made with ejiao, black sesame, wolf­ber­ries, dried roses, wal­nuts and Chi­nese ju­jubes— all cooked to­gether un­til they form a cake that is then cooled and sliced. This is a bit like peanut brit­tle, but more chewy.

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