Kids get eye­ful of parental mis­be­hav­ior

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More than 20 per­cent of Chi­nese par­ents fre­quently mis­be­have in front of their chil­dren, in­clud­ing be­ing dis­hon­est, im­po­lite or dis­obey­ing rules in pub­lic, ac­cord­ing to a new re­port. The re­port, which was re­leased on Sept 26, was based on a survey of more than 112,000 fourth-grade stu­dents and more than 74,000 eighth­grade stu­dents in 2017 by Beijing Nor­mal Uni­ver­sity. Ques­tion­naires were also sent to more than 31,000 teach­ers. More than 40 per­cent of fourth-grade stu­dents sur­veyed said their par­ents have bro­ken prom­ises; the per­cent­age was even higher for eighth-grade stu­dents, at 63.7 per­cent. A smaller num­ber of fourth­graders (13.7 per­cent) and eighth­graders (18.4 per­cent) said their par­ents break prom­ises of­ten. Twenty-eight per­cent of fourth-grade stu­dents said their par­ents have cursed in front of them and 31.5 per­cent said they have seen their par­ents quar­rel with oth­ers. For eighth-graders, it was 44.4 per­cent for curs­ing and 33.3 per­cent for quar­rel­ing.

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