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e is suf­fer­ing equally from sea­sickess and home­sick­ness. “Mil­i­tary of­fi­cers are usu­ally too roud to cry,” said Ma. “Hyp­notic suges­tion can re­lax them and help re­lease he pres­sure. That’s much health­ier an sup­press­ing their emo­tions.” More than 300 mem­bers of the eace Ark’s crew re­cently filled in ques­tion­naire handed out by the med­i­cal team. In re­sponse to the que­son, “What has both­ered you most ur­ing the voy­age?” key an­swers such

“sea­sick­ness”, “home­sick­ness”, “loss f ap­petite” and “ir­ri­tabil­ity” cropped p fre­quently.

mo­tional sup­port

Fang Jinx­ing, a 22-year-old sailor n a Chi­nese es­cort ship, un­der­went er­nia surgery on the Peace Ark. n ad­di­tion to the med­i­cal care he ceived dur­ing his 10-day stay, Fang as im­pressed by the psy­cho­log­i­cal oun­sel­ing ser­vices on of­fer, in­cludg con­sul­ta­tions and psy­chother­apy ourses. “The her­nia had been both­er­ing me r two months. Some­times it hurt so much that I wasn’t able to do my work. ther mem­bers of the crew and my up­er­vi­sor helped me, but I was still ery frus­trated be­cause I re­ally wanted do a good job,” he said. “I tried hard keep go­ing, but in the end I was uck in my cabin, do­ing noth­ing but ing on my bed. It was like a dou­ble tack; phys­i­cal and men­tal.” It was the first time he had re­ceived eat­ment via hyp­no­sis; af­ter the first ssion he didn’t want to open his eyes ecause, “The feel­ing was so com­fort­ble and re­lax­ing.”

The young sailor felt the time he’d pent aboard the Peace Ark had been ghly ben­e­fi­cial. “I’m re­cov­er­ing well om the surgery and feel­ing much et­ter,” he said. “I think I’m ready to turn to my ship.” Colonel Hoff, a gen­eral sur­geon board the Van Speyk, an es­cort ship om the Nether­lands, said that while s ship’s com­ple­ment doesn’t in­clude psy­chol­o­gist, it does in­clude a priest, ho pro­vides emo­tional sup­port to oth Chris­tians and non-be­liev­ers. ow­ever, mem­bers of the crew of­ten sit psy­chother­a­pists when back on ry land and the navy has a wellevel­oped sup­port ser­vice, he said. on­tact the writer at en­gyin­ing@chi­nadaily.com.cn

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