Ab­surd way of lend­ing puts girls in dan­ger

China Daily (Hong Kong) - - COMMENT - JIEDAIBAO,

a loan com­pany, has long been crit­i­cized for mak­ing young women take naked self­ies as pledges for loans, but re­cently it be­came em­broiled in even more con­tro­versy when some of these nude pho­tos, even videos of the women, were spread on­line. Jiedaibao claims it was not re­spon­si­ble, but Bei­jing Times said that is up to the courts to de­cide:

When it was first re­vealed that Jiedaibao asked young women to pro­vide nude pho­tos as pledges for their loans, some peo­ple warned there was a risk the pho­tos would be leaked. Now that con­cern has be­come the re­al­ity.

It is morally and may even be legally wrong for the com­pany to ask young women to pro­vide naked pho­tos as pledges for a loan. And those who up­loaded the pho­tos have bro­ken the law that bans the post­ing of in­de­cent pho­tos and they de­serve to be pun­ished. The com­pany claims it is not re­spon­si­ble, but the pho­tos were trans­ferred to loan-givers via their plat­form and, the mo­ment they were, it had al­ready bro­ken the law. Cur­rently, as large quan­ti­ties of naked pho­tos had been posted on­line, Jiedaibao em­ploy­ees are the most likely cul­prits be­cause only they have ac­cess to all the pho­tos.

Jiedaibao has also bro­ken other ar­ti­cles of the law. Re­ports say some girls bor­rowed 5,000 yuan ($4,726) but had to pay back 60,000 yuan three months later; such an in­ter­est rate is ob­vi­ously above the legal limit. Thus we call for the po­lice to in­ves­ti­gate and bring those in­volved to court.

Be­sides, the in­ci­dent should be a les­son for the young women. Ac­cord­ing to re­ports, some of the girls took nude pho­tos to get loans be­cause they wanted to buy lux­ury goods, they never an­tic­i­pated the pho­tos might be spread on­line one day. Young women need to be more aware of the dan­gers in so­ci­ety and avoid re­veal­ing their se­crets.

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