With the weather hot­ting up, there’s no bet­ter time to try mak­ing your own lol­lies

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Lol­lies have grown up. Boozy “pops” are ap­pear­ing at smart par­ties and even Aldi has got on board with its own cut-price range. But ready-made ver­sions can be sugar heavy and weird tast­ing, not to men­tion ex­pen­sive — so you’re far bet­ter off mak­ing your own.

In prin­ci­ple, you can adapt any of your favourite cock­tails to a lolly, as long as you bear in mind the ice science (adding al­co­hol low­ers the tem­per­a­ture that the lol­lies freeze at).

Of course, like that bot­tle of white wine I stuck next to the ice cream and for­got about, even an al­co­hol con­tent of 14 per cent will go solid in a do­mes­tic freezer — even­tu­ally.

It prob­a­bly won’t, how­ever, freeze hard — and while a fri­able tex­ture is on the whole a good thing (un­less you want to suck on an ice cube) you still need the lolly to be fairly solid to stay on the stick.

Then you’ll prob­a­bly want to add a bit of sugar — it gives a nice sticky lick­able qual­ity, and im­proves what the pro­fes­sion­als call the “length” of the flavour. But, alas, it also gets in the way of ice crys­tals form­ing. Com­bin­ing too much sugar with a load of al­co­hol, and you have a recipe for a slush puppy, not a Solero.

The up­shot is, save the full­strength cock­tails for your glass, and set­tle for some­thing con­sid­er­ably lighter for your lol­lies. You can al­ways have two.

Sugar syrup

Makeas­mall­batchof­sug­arsyrup­for sweet­en­ingy­our­lol­liesandyou’ll­speed up­the­p­ro­cess.Thiswill­keepinthe fridgeina­jar­for­months.

100g caster sugar 100ml boil­ing wa­ter Metho d Put the sugar in a bowl and pour over the boil­ing wa­ter. Stir and leave to stand un­til the sugar has dis­solved and the liq­uid has cooled. 1 large or­ange 150ml of sugar syrup, as above 100ml pome­gran­ate juice (from a car­ton is fine) 2 tsp Cam­pari 1tsp gin 2tsp red ver­mouth Method Take the zest off the or­ange with a veg­etable peeler. Juice the or­ange. Mix the or­ange juice, sugar syrup, pome­gran­ate juice, Cam­pari, gin and ver­mouth, then pour in to lolly moulds. Cut the or­ange zest into long strips and wrap around the lolly sticks, and pop them in. Freeze.

Makes 150 ml of syrup In­gre­di­ents

Thi­sisa­takeon­the­clas­sicNe­groni mixof­gin,Cam­par­ian­dred­ver­mouth —butwith­some­pomegranate­and or­ange­juiceadded.Ithink­the­seare best­madeins­mall­moulds—Iuse 60ml­shot­glasses.

Makes about 6 60ml lol­lies In­gre­di­ents

Gi­nand­ton­ic­make­sa­good­icelolly, es­pe­cial­ly­i­fy­ouadda­good­squeezeof lime.Bu­tas­theelder­flow­eris­in­full bloom­right­now,here’samore­sea­son­al­cock­tail.

Makes about 4 100ml lol­lies In­gre­di­ents 200ml Coca cola 4 tbsp Rum 1tbsp sugar syrup as above ½ tub vanilla ice cream (not soft scoop) Method Mix the rum, coke and sugar syrup. Pour about half into the bot­tom of six moulds — it should be about a third full. Freeze un­til set. Mix the rest of the rum and coke with 4tbsp of ice cream. Pour into the moulds un­til they are about two thirds full. Freeze un­til set. Top with ice cream un­til the moulds are just about full. Push in sticks and freeze.

Makes about 4 100ml lol­lies In­gre­di­ents

Mez­cal­isas­mokyMex­i­can­spirit,made fromthea­gave­plant,which­givesafan­tas­ti­cal­lyex­oticflavour­to­cock­tails.

Makes about 3 100ml lol­lies In­gre­di­ents

Eveni­fy­ouaren’tusu­allyafanof sweet,richIr­ishcreamliqueurs,this is­worthtry­ing­forthe­gent­ly­caramel­ly­creamit­makes.Ona­s­tick­with adrib­ble­of­choco­late,it’sare­ally goodthing.Ify­ouwant­tomakeareg­u­lar­softscoop­ice­cream,then­whisk the­cream­tosoft­peaks,thenad­dthe wellchillede­vap­o­rat­ed­milka­nd­sugar and­whisk­a­gain­un­til­softly­bil­low­ing. Pour­in­toaplas­tic­tuband­freeze— there’snoneed­to­stir­i­t­a­sit­freezes.

150ml el­der­flower cor­dial squeeze le­mon 50ml gin 130ml wa­ter fresh el­der­flow­ers, to gar­nish Method Mix the cor­dial, le­mon, gin and wa­ter. Pour into moulds and top with lots of el­der­flow­ers. Freeze. 1 medium cu­cum­ber 4 tbsp Mez­cal 1 lime juiced 2tbsp triple sec 4tbsp sugar syrup as above Chopped chilli, or chilli sauce (op­tional) Sea salt flakes and smoked pa­prika (op­tional) Method Cut the cu­cum­ber into chunks and whizz to a puree. Rub through a sieve so you have a deep green cu­cum­ber juice. Mix the juice with the Mez­cal, lime, triple sec and sugar syrup, plus a lit­tle chopped chilli or chilli sauce if you like. Pour into moulds. Push in a few slices of cu­cum­ber. Freeze. Serve scat­tered with a few flakes of sea salt and some smoked pa­prika, if you like. 200ml evap­o­rated milk 200ml dou­ble cream 50g ic­ing sugar 50ml Bai­leys 100g plain choco­late, melted Method Mix the evap­o­rated milk, cream, ic­ing sugar and Bai­leys. Pour into moulds and freeze. Once frozen, un­mould and driz­zle with melted choco­late. Re­turn to the freezer briefly to set the choco­late.

Makes 4 100ml lol­lies In­gre­di­ents

After­a­hot­sum­mernightof­par­ty­ing, the­searethep­er­fect­pick­meup. There’sno­sug­arinthese,sothe­yare ici­lyre­fresh­in­gratherthanstrictly lick­able,bu­tadashof­soysauce boost­s­thetomato’ssavouryflavour.

Makes about 3 100ml lol­lies In­gre­di­ents

250ml tomato juice A shake of Worces­ter­shire sauce A dash of chilli sauce 2tbsp vodka A dash of soy sauce Cel­ery stick Thinly sliced le­mon Method Mix the tomato juice, Worces­ter­shire sauce, chilli sauce, vodka, soy sauce and le­mon. Ad­just the flavours to suit you and pour into moulds. Tuck in a slice of le­mon and a stick of cel­ery along with the stick. Freeze.


With the weather hot­ting up, there’s no bet­ter time to try mak­ing your own lol­lies.

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