China launches land view satel­lite

China Daily (Latin America Weekly) - - 5 China - GANSU SAN FRAN­CISCO HOUS­TON S1H00A3A6N. XPIe­ri­od­i­cal

China launched a land ex­plo­ration satel­lite into a pSraen­sFer­taon­crib­sicto,frCoAm94t1h0e5 Ji­uquan Satel­lite Launch Cen­ter in the Gobi Desert at 12:11 pm on Sunday. A Long March 2D rocket car­rSieEdAtThTeLsEatel­lite, which will b8e0u0sFeifdth­mA­vaei,nSluy­it­feo4r10re0­mote sens­ing ex­plo­ration of land re­sources. The launch was tTheel: 20567-t9h22m-2i8s6s8ion of the Long March rocket se­ries. RHeon­u­ostvoant, iToXn77is07p7ro­gress­ing at Labrang Monastery in Xi­ahe county. Eighty per­cent of the re­pair plan — sComAeN1A3 has been com­pleted since work be­gan in 2012, ac­cord­ing to county aTuelt:h4o16r-i4ti8e1s-5. monastery had never un­der­gone sys­tem­atic re­pairs since it was built more than 300 years ago, and some of its col­ored paint­ings and mu­rals were show­ing dam­age. An in­vest­ment of 310 mil­lion yuan ($47 mil­lion) was re­quired, with plans to rexsc­to­er­pet 1w6eoe­fkethned­s48byBCudhi-na dDhaail­hyaUl­lSsAb,y1520019B.

lCinHkIiNnAg XDiA’aInL,YSUhSaaAn, x1i5p0r0ovBirnocaed, way, and Suite Chengdu, 2800, New Sichuan York, NY prov­ince, will be­gin run­ning 10036. on Dec 6, au­thor­i­ties said on©S2u0n1d7 aCyh.iT­nahDeani­leyw line coAvlel rRsi­gahdt­sisRteas­necreveodf 658 kilo­meV­toelr. s3.7A—toN­toa.l1o12f8129 trains will run in each di­rec­tion dur­ing the ini­tial phase. Travel time between the two cities will be slashed by about seven hours to just three hours and 27 min­utes.

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