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Chi­nese Cul­tural Relics is the of­fi­cial English ver­sion of the ar­chae­ol­ogy jour­nal Wenwu (Cul­tural Relics), highly re­spected for its top-notch articles and in-depth ar­chae­o­log­i­cal re­ports. Each is­sue con­tains trans­lated articles of se­lected con­tent from re­cent is­sues of Wenwu and is pub­lished by East View, a com­pany in the United States. The com­pany has be­come the largest Chi­nese lan­guage dig­i­tal aca­demic con­tent provider in North Amer­ica. What is the tar­geted au­di­ence for such a spe­cialty jour­nal? How is it re­ceived over­seas? Our web­site spoke with Kent D. Lee, pres­i­dent and CEO of East View, and Garry Guan, man­ag­ing ed­i­tor of Chi­nese Cul­tural Relics.

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