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TORONTO — It was as she force­fully stuffed TORONTO actress — Ta­tiana It was Maslany as she force­fully into the trunk stuffed of a actress car that Ta­tiana the sheer Maslany outof-body into ex­pe­ri­ence the trunk of a her car role that in the bru­tal sheer out-of-body LA noir thriller ex­pe­ri­ence De­stroyer of came her into role fo­cus in the for bru­tal Ni­cole LA Kid­man. noir thriller De­stroyer “I was putting came her into in the fo­cus trunk for of that Ni­cole car Kid­man. go­ing: ‘What the hell is this?’” Kid­man “I was re­called putting at her the in film’s the trunk evening of pre­miere that car at go­ing: the Toronto ‘ What In­ter­na­tional the hell is Film this?’” Fes­ti­val. Kid­man re­called at the film’s evening As much pre­miere as we’ve come at the to ex­pect Toronto it, Kid­man’s In­ter­na­tional trans­for­ma­tions Film Fes­ti­val. can star­tle even As her­self. much as And we’ve just come as has to ex­pect so of­ten it, been Kid­man’s the trans­for­ma­tions case, Kid­man’s can pow­ers star­tle of meta­mor­pho­sis even her­self. And again just have as has a film so of­ten fes­ti­val been buzzing the case, and the Kid­man’s 51-year-old pow­ers actress of back meta­mor­pho­sis among the again Os­car have con­tenders. a film fes­ti­val In buzzing Karyn and Kusama’s the 51-year-old De­stroyer, actress Kid­man back among is al­most the un­rec­og­niz­able Os­car con­tenders. as Erin Bell, In a Karyn haunted Kusama’s po­lice de­tec­tive De­stroyer, with lit­tle Kid­man will is left al­most for po­lice un­rec­og­niz­able work or life. as Her Erin voice Bell, is a a haunted husky whis­per, and hard­ened her skin a po­lice gaunt, de­tec­tive sun-dried with mask, lit­tle her eyes will cold left and for po­lice empty. She work drinks or life, heav­ily. at all. Her voice The is film, a husky which whis­per, Kusama her char­ac­ter­ized skin a gaunt, as in sun-dried the spirit mask, of Martin her Scors­ese’s eyes cold Tax­iDriver, and empty. She places drinks a fe­male heav­ily. anti-hero in The the heart film, of which a hard­boiled Kusama genre char­ac­ter­ized usu­ally the do­main as in the of men. spirit Maslany, of Martin who plays Scors­ese’s a strung-out Taxi crim­i­nal Driver, in places the film, a said fe­male of the anti-hero film: “It in felt the so not heart mas­cu­line. of a hard­boiled It felt re­ally genre fem­i­nine usu­ally in this genre the to do­main re­ally of bend men. the Maslany, rules with who how plays we nor­mally a strung-out see these crim­i­nal sto­ries.” in the film, said What of the has film: turned “It felt Bell so into not mas­cu­line. a ghost is what It felt drives re­ally De­stroyer, fem­i­nine in which this An­na­purna genre to re­ally Pic­tures bend the will rules re­lease with in De­cem­ber. how we nor­mally It cuts see be­tween these a sto­ries.” present mur­der What in­ves­ti­ga­tion has turned Bell and into an a ear­lier, ghost con­nected is what drives un­der­cover De­stroyer, op­er­a­tion which that ended An­na­purna trag­i­cally. Pic­tures In the will flash­backs, re­lease in Kid­man De­cem­ber. ap­pears It cuts rec­og­niz­ably be­tween a present her­self — mur­der beau­ti­ful, in­ves­ti­ga­tion spir­ited — and only an ear­lier, fur­ther em­pha­siz­ing con­nected un­der­cover her dras­tic changes op­er­a­tion in the that role. ended trag­i­cally. In the flash­backs, “I was Kid­man just sit­ting ap­pears back watch­ing rec­og­niz­ably the last 15 her­self min­utes — of beau­ti­ful, the film go­ing: spir­ited ‘God, — is only that fur­ther me?’” em­pha­siz­ing said Kid­man. her “And dras­tic it’s weird changes be­cause in the I look role. at it and it feels al­most “I was like just a dream sit­ting be­cause back watch­ing it was so dif­fer­ent the last 15 for min­utes me to ex­ist of the in film that place. go­ing: ‘God, “The is film that was me?’” re­ally hard said for Kid­man. me. It’s so “And ex­treme, it’s weird so dif­fer­ent be­cause from I look who I at am. it I and wanted it feels it to al­most be real and like au­then­tic. a dream I be­cause didn’t want it was to so be dif­fer­ent show­ing for up me and to do­ing ex­ist in a that per­for­mance,” place.” she said. “So I kind Kid­man of had said to move the char­ac­ter’s into a place in­ner and ex­ist dark­ness in a place was for more a pe­riod chal­leng­ing of time that I than didn’t the like ex­te­rior to be in makeover. — men­tally, phys­i­cally, “The all of film it. I was didn’t re­ally quite hard re­al­ize for un­til me. I It’s was so in ex­treme, it what it was so dif­fer­ent go­ing to take.” from who Kid­man I am. I co-stars wanted in it an­other to be real film and at the au­then­tic. Toronto I Film didn’t Fes­ti­val: want to BoyErased, be show­ing play­ing up and the mother do­ing a of per­for­mance,” a young man (Lu­cas she said. Hedges) “So I kind forced of into had to gay move con­ver­sion into a place therapy. and ex­ist While in the a place film for has a earned pe­riod of pos­i­tive time that re­views, I didn’t it like ap­pears to be more in — men­tally, likely that phys­i­cally, her per­for­mance all of it. in I De­stroyer didn’t quite could re­al­ize land un­til Kid­man I was her in fifth it Os­car what it nom­i­na­tion. was go­ing to take.”

It’s Kid­man her first co-stars time in an­other work­ing film with at Kusama, the Toronto the di­rec­tor Film of Fes­ti­val: Girl­fight Boy and Jen­nifer’s Erased, play­ing Body, the and mother she pur­sued of a young the part, man (Lu­cas penned Hedges) by Phil forced Hay and into Matt gay Man­fredi. con­ver­sion Kusama therapy. re­called While that Kid­man’s film, lay­ered, too, has shiv­er­ing earned pos­i­tive per­for­mance re­views, in one it dra­matic ap­pears more scene likely where that her Bell per­for­mance re­al­izes some­thing in De­stroyer aw­ful has could hap­pened. land Kid­man her “It fifth was Os­car as if we nom­i­na­tion. were watch­ing in real time It’s a her per­son first go­ing time into work­ing shock,” with said Kusama. Kusama, “When the di­rec­tor you see of an Girl­fight ac­tor not act­ing and Jen­nifer’s any­more, Body, just liv­ing and in she this pur­sued very spe­cial, the rar­i­fied part, penned space that by Phil we were Hay given and ac­cess Matt to Man­fredi. Erin’s (mind). Kusama That mo­ment re­called gives Kid­man’s me chills lay­ered, ev­ery shiv­er­ing time I watch per­for­mance it. That was in an one awe-in­spir­ing dra­matic day.” scene where Bell re­al­izes some­thing aw­ful has hap­pened.

“It was as if we were watch­ing in

Ni­cole Kid­man in the crime thriller

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