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A rare well-pre­served hadrosaur fos­sil nearly 90 per­cent com­plete has been un­earthed in the In­ner Mon­go­lia au­tonomous re­gion.

A rare well-pre­served hadrosaur fos­sil has been un­earthed in the In­ner Mon­go­lia au­tonomous re­gion and is ex­pected to be of huge value for re­search into how the species evolved, Chi­nese ar­chae­ol­o­gists said.

More than 90 per­cent of the bones of the an­i­mal were in­tact, in­clud­ing the head, cer­vi­cal ver­te­brae, limbs and a com­plete tail­bone. It is the most com­plete di­nosaur fos­sil un­earthed in In­nerMon­go­lia in 20 years.

The fos­sil was first dis­cov­ered in 2012 in Urad Back Ban­ner, in the north­west part of the re­gion. Ex­ca­va­tion started in June 2013.

More than 300 fos­sil bone frag­ments were ex­ca­vated at the site, weigh­ing 1 met­ric ton al­to­gether, said Tan Lin, an en­gi­neer at the Long­hao Ge­o­log­i­cal In­sti­tute of Pa­le­on­tol­ogy in In­nerMon­go­lia.

Chi­nese re­searchers said the fos­sil struc­ture of the hadrosaur was about 8 me­ters long, 1 me­ter wide and 5 me­ters tall. It was a ma­ture di­nosaur that lived 80 mil­lion years ago.

Ten work­ers are restor­ing the fos­sil in a store­house in Cheng­guan town, Bayan­nur city. The work be­gan in May this year and is ex­pected to end in Oc­to­ber.

Such a com­plete di­nosaur fos­sil is a very rare find, said Xu Xing, a re­searcher at the In­sti­tute of Ver­te­brate Pa­le­on­tol­ogy and Pa­le­oan­thro­pol­ogy un­der the Chi­nese Academy of Sci­ences.

It will greatly in­form re­search into the evo­lu­tion of the hadrosaur species and bi­ol­ogy in the Rehe area, he said.

Ar­chae­ol­o­gists also found fos­sils of other plants and liv­ing or­gan­isms in the Rehe area, which will prove in­valu­able in fu­ture re­search.


Hadrosaur fos­sil: It is the most com­plete of all those un­earthed in In­ner Mon­go­lia in 20 years.

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