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Speak­ing about Bei­jing De­sign Week, Wang Yudong, gen­eral man­ager of the event, says the week is a gath­er­ing of the de­sign or com­mu­nity.the last seven years,

It is Bei­jing­now De­sign in­creas­ing­lyWeek in­volved has with beena con­sump­tiona cel­e­bra­tion and in­dus­tri­al­for ev­ery­thin­gup­grade that about is de­sign.tak­ing placeNow it in is China, in­creas­inglyand it in­volved­in­tends to with pro­vide real-life so­lu­tions is­sues. for con­tem­po­raryThe De­sign cities, In­tel­li­gencehe says. Award, Re­fer­ringthe lat­estto the ad­di­tion­award, heto the says: agenda, “Although be­came this theis a high­light new project, this it yearis at­tract­ing­for its fo­cusa lot on of in­dus­trial par­tic­i­pa­tion. de­sign. This in­di­cates a clearAs part in­terestof the in 2016the Chi­ne­seBei­jing De­sign mar­ket, Week,and it is DIA huge Ex­cel­lent sup­port Work­sto our in­dus­try Ex­hi­bi­tion up­grade.”Tour opened at Amongthe World the Art prizewin­ningMu­seum at China projects Mil­len­ni­u­mon dis­play Mon­u­ment,at the ex­hi­bi­tion the main that venue caught the­for eye Bei­jing were De­sign­the Wind­clearWeek, on Sept nose 25 fil­ter,and runs which through pro­tects Oct the 7. res­pi­ra­tory sys­tem. Hosted by China Acad­emy Usin­gof Art, in­no­va­tivethe award ma­te­ri­al­sis coor­ga­nized and de­sign, by the China fil­ter In­dus­tri­alis easy to De­sign­wear and As­so­ci­a­tion­ef­fec­tive in and fil­ter­ingdis­tin­guishes pol­luted air. it­self More­over,as “the firstit is aca­dem­i­cal­most in­vis­i­ble. award of in­dus­trial de­sign­The in Drink­ableChina”. Book was an­other More out­stand­ingthan 100 pieces of­feringof workat the show.were se­lected from a pool The of “book”,2,511 en­trieswhich en­cour­ages­from 30 coun­tries. be­hav­ioral They change cover throughar­eas likeits ed­u­ca­tion“cul­ture in­no­va­tion,con­tent, is also liv­ing an wis­dom, af­ford­able in­dus­tryand man­u­fac­tur­ing con­ve­nient wa­ter and fil­ter leadin­gas its tech­nol­ogy”.pages can be The used firstas wa­terDIA Award fil­ters. Cer­e­mony was De­signed­held in May­for use in by Hangzhou, the­more cap­i­talthan 2 of bil­lionEast China’s peo­ple Zhe­jiang around prov­ince.the world who live on less than $2 With­per day, the it theme­needs as of lit­tle “Col­lec­tive as one penny Wis­dom,a day In­tel­li­gentto pro­duce Fu­ture”,clean, safe the wa­ter. win­ning pieces are di­vided Each­page­can­fil­ter­into two cat­e­gories:wa­ter for lifea mon­t­hand cul­ture;for one in­dus­try per­son, and and fu­ book can last for about a year. The in­au­gu­ral year has been Then chal­leng­ing,there is the as Se­condthe team Aid had dis­as­terto re­cruit pre­ven­tion­not only strong kit, can­di­dates,de­signed by Ja­pane­se­but also de­sign­era jury that Eisuke in­cludes Tachikawa. Bran­donIt has Gien, been Michael­cre­ated for Young peo­ple and who Gor­don­live in Bruce, dis­as­ter says prone Hang ar­eas. Jian, vicedean Basedof Chi­naon the Acad­emy ex­pe­ri­enceof Art of in the Hangzhou.Great East Ja­pan Earth­quake Wang in Yudong,2011, the gen­er­alaid kit man­ager con­tains of ne­ces­si­tiesBei­jing De­signto sur­vive Week, for says72 hours­the event af­ter a is dis­as­ter.a gath­er­ing of the A de­sign pop­u­lar com­mu­nity.ex­hibit is the FotileIt is Sink now Dish­washer, in­creas­ingly a in­volved3-in-1 de­vice with the that con­sump­tion­com­bines a and kitchen in­dus­tri­alsink, dish­washer,up­grade that an­dis tak­ingfruit and place veg­etablein China, cleaningand it in­tends ma­chine. to provideIt is aimed so­lu­tion­sat Chi­ne­se­for con­tem­po­rary con­sumers. cities, he says.

“AlthoughThe dish­wash­erthis is a can new wash,project, dry it and has san­i­tize at­tracted dishes so in many one par­tic­i­pants.step, while sav­ingThis in­di­cate­sen­ergy anda clear wa­ter. in­ter­est in the Chi­nese

FOther no­table ex­hibits in­clude the Sec­ond Skin, de­vel­oped by de­sign­ers from the MITMe­dia Lab, Zhe­jiang Univer­sity and the Royal Col­lege of Art. mar­ket,It is a and smar­tit is gar­men­thuge sup­port made to with our bi­o­log­i­cal in­dus­try ma­te­ri­als. up­grade.” High­light­sThe gar­mentof the trans­form­sex­hibits in­clude ac­cord­ing the to Wind­clearthe wearer’s nose own­fil­ter, sweat which and pro­tect­sheat. It al­low­sthe res­pi­ra­tory sweat to evap­o­ratesys­tem. Usin­gand cools in­no­va­tive down ma­te­ri­al­s­the body thanksand de­sign,to the the spe­cial­fil­ter is ma­te­rial.easy to wear and ef­fec­tive in fil­ter­ing Ve­hi­cle pol­luted own­ers air. also More­over, have un­like some­thin­gan air to mask, cheer it is about al­most at in­vis­i­ble.the ex­hi­bi­tion. The Ser­vice RobotThe Drink­able­for Car Book Mar­ket en­cour­ages pro­vides be­hav­ior­car own­ers change with through on-site its ser­vices hy­giene like ed­u­ca­tion wash­ing, con­tent. polishing, It is in wax­ing it­self an and af­ford­able in­te­rior and clean­ing. con­ve­nien­tSo car wa­ter own­ers fil­ter. no The longer book need pagesto go can to be the torn ser­vice out and cen­ters. used as wa­ter fil­ters. De­signedFor note­book­for the fans, more the than Len­ovo2 bil­lion Yoga peo­ple Note­book who is live on on show.less thanThe note­book$2 per day, us­esit cost­s­the light­es­tas lit­tle as car­bon-fiberone penny a ma­te­ri­al­day to pro­duce avail­able. clean, safe wa­ter. Each page can The fil­ter open­ing wa­ter of for thea month ex­hi­bi­tion for one was per­son, fol­lowed and by onea sa­lon­book can that last was for themed­about a “In­ter­net+”,year. It has al­readyin which been par­tic­i­pantstested in ru­ral dis­cussed ar­eas in the Bangladesh,im­pact of in­ter­netSouth Africa, tech­nol­ogy Ghana, on Hon­duras,the de­signHaiti and in­dus­try. Kenya.

The Speak­ing Sec­ond at Aid the dis­as­ter­sa­lon, Song­pre­ven­tion Jian­ming, kit, vice-dean de­signed of by the Ja­panese China Acad­emy de­signer of EisukeArt, says Tachikawa, that the was emer­gence cre­ated of for the peo­ple in­ter­netwho live has pro­videdin po­ten­tiala huge dis­as­ter amount ar­eas. of Based re­source­son the for de­sign­ers. ex­pe­ri­ence of the Great “The East in­ter­net Ja­pan Earthquake­makes thingsin 2011, easier the for aid the kit de­sign pro­vides in­dus­try,ne­ces­si­ties from to the sur­vive re­search for stage72 hours and af­ter com­mu­ni­ca­tiona dis­as­ter. It to is 3-D de­signed print­ing, to fit fund­ingchan­nel­sand­mar­ket­ing,”in a book­shelf so it can be eas­ily he fetched­says. when needed.

TheBut ZengHui,Fotile Sink deputy Dish­washer di­rec­tor boast­sof of Bei­jin­gits 3-in-1 De­sign func­tion Week’sthat com­bines or­ga­niz­ing kitchen com­mit­tee, sink, dish­washer, says that it has and also fruit had and some veg­etable neg­a­tive clean­ing ef­fects. ma­chine. Cater­ing to the “To needs some of ex­tent, Chi­nese the con­sumers, in­ter­net has it can af­fected wash, dry­the and or­gan­ic­san­i­tize growth dish­e­sof thein one man­u­fac­tur­ing­step, while sav­ing in­dus­try, en­ergy which and we wa­ter. should be cau­tiousThe Sec­ond about.” Skin, de­vel­oped by Lee de­sign­ers Soon-in, from pres­i­den­tMIT Me­dia of Lab,the Seoul Zhe­jiang De­sign Univer­si­tyCen­ter, saysand Roy­althat the Col­lege in­ter­netof Art, has is changeda smart gar­ment­de­sign ed­u­ca­tion­made with in bi­o­log­i­cal South Korea, ma­te­ri­als.where it is The com­mon gar­ment for trans­formsstu­dents to re­al­ize ac­cord­ing their to ideas­the wearer’swith 3-D own print­ing. sweat and heat. It al­lows “The sweat in­ter­netto evap­o­ratealso al­lowsand cool de­sign­ers down to the ac­cess body thanks re­sourcesto the on­line spe­cial and ma­te­rial.find new ways to raise money,” he says.

Sun Yuan­qing



Vis­i­tors take pho­tos in an art stu­dio in the area in cen­tral Bei­jing. The area plays host a va­ri­ety of ac­tiv­i­ties as part of Bei­jing De­sign Week.

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