‘My par­ents aremy top pri­or­ity’

China Daily (USA) - - CHINA - Zhou Yi­fan Zhou Yi­fan spoke with Luo Wang­shu.

Zhou Yi­fan, 31, an only child and a na­tive of Jiangsu prov­ince in East China, works in Bei­jing. Her par­ents live in Yancheng, Jiangsu.

My par­ents had me at a young age. Although I am turn­ing 30, my mother is 54 and my fa­ther is 56.

Maybe be­cause they are com­par­a­tively young, I did not think se­ri­ously about their se­nior care un­til last year.

Last year, my grand­mother was di­ag­nosed with can­cer. She had six chil­dren, and they all took turns car­ing for her. Even so, they were all ex­hausted when she passed away ear­lier this year.

My mother is a doc­tor, and she was withmy grandma till the last minute of her life.

I could not stop won­der­ing what I would do if that sit­u­a­tion hap­pened to me. As an only child, how would I han­dle it?

It was the first time I had thought deeply about my par­ents’ se­nior care. They are in good health and can take care of them­selves, but if they fall ill or one of them passes away, it will be a big chal­lenge for me.

I don’t trust care­givers, which means time would be my main con­cern.

I plan to ask them to move to Bei­jing to live near me here, or in any other place I set­tle in the fu­ture. I’m con­fi­dent I could pro­vide a good life for them. Both my par­ents are work­ing and have re­li­able in­sur­ance poli­cies, so money is not a prob­lem.

I plan to buy them an apart­ment.

It would be un­ac­cept­able to ask them to live in a nurs­ing home. I have vis­ited and in­spected many nurs­ing homes in Bei­jing, and I could not send my par­ents to one.

I come from a tra­di­tional fam­ily, and I saw how my par­ents, aunts and un­cles treated my grand­par­ents. I want to main­tain that tra­di­tion.

I once joked tomy mother that she and her sib­lings can stay inmy house to­gether when they get older.

I never strug­gle with pos­si­ble con­flicts be­tween my fu­ture andmy par­ents’ fu­ture— their se­nior care plans.

My par­ents aremy top pri­or­ity, and if I have to quit my job to take care of them, I will.

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