Mother pro­tects son frompo­lice


A 76-year-old woman in He­fei tried to phys­i­cally pre­vent po­lice from ar­rest­ing her son when the of­fi­cers ar­rived at her home, a court heard. The son, sur­named Wang, had been or­dered to re­turn 133,000 yuan ($19,900) to his neigh­bor, sur­named He, ear­lier this year. Wang re­fused to ac­cept the ver­dict and when po­lice ar­rived at the fam­ily home, his mother tried to pre­vent her son from be­ing taken away, say­ing it was her daugh­ter-in-law who had bor­rowed the money. Even­tu­ally, Wang’s mother al­lowed her son to be taken to court, but in­sisted on ac­com­pa­ny­ing him.

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