At a glance: As­tro­nauts and mis­sions

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Other as­tro­nauts who have gone into space Yang Li­wei, from Liaon­ing 1 prov­ince, on Shen­zhou V, 2003 Fei Jun­long, from 2 Jiangsu prov­ince, on Shen­zhou VI, 2005 Nie Haisheng, from 3 Hubei prov­ince, on Shen­zhou VI, 2005 Zhai Zhi­gang, from 4 Hei­longjiang prov­ince, on Shen­zhou VII, 2008; the first to con­duct ex­trave­hic­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties

Liu Bom­ing, from 5 Hei­longjiang, on Shen­zhou VII, 2008

Liu Wang, from Shanxi 6 prov­ince, on Shen­zhou IX, 2012 Liu Yang, from He­nan 7 prov­ince, on Shen­zhou IX, 2012; China’s first fe­male astro­naut Zhang Xiaoguang, 8 from Liaon­ing prov­ince, on Shen­zhou X, 2013

Wang Yap­ing, from 9 Shan­dong prov­ince, on Shen­zhou X, 2013; China’s sec­ond fe­male astro­naut China’s pre­vi­ous manned space mis­sions Shen­zhou V: Launched on Oct 15, 2003, last­ing 21 hours; one astro­naut

Shen­zhou VI: Launched on Oct 12, 2005, last­ing nearly 5 days; two as­tro­nauts Shen­zhou VII: Launched on Sept 25, 2008, last­ing nearly 3 days; China’s first ex­trave­hic­u­lar ac­tiv­ity; three as­tro­nauts Tian­gong I: Launched on Sept 29, 2011, last­ing more than two years; China’s first space lab

Shen­zhou IX: Launched on June 16, 2012, last­ing nearly 13 days; China’s first space dock­ing (with Tian­gong I)

Shen­zhou X: Launched on June 11, 2013, last­ing nearly 15 days; the long­est mis­sion in space by Chi­nese as­tro­nauts and the first lec­ture for Chi­nese stu­dents from space Tian­gong II: Launched on Sept 15, 2016, with the in­ten­tion to last two years

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