Strictly rul­ing the Party in an all-round way

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The key to solv­ing China’s prob­lems lies in up­hold­ing and strength­en­ing the lead­er­ship of the coun­try by the Com­mu­nist Party of China.

As the coun­try is still ex­pe­ri­enc­ing rapid eco­nomic growth and pro­found so­cial trans­for­ma­tion, the Party should en­hance its con­struc­tion and im­prove its gov­ern­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties. To do this, it should ad­here to the Party strictly rul­ing the Party.

At the news con­fer­ence given by the Stand­ing Com­mit­tee of the Po­lit­i­cal Bureau of the 18th CPC Cen­tral Com­mit­tee in 2012, Party chief Xi Jin­ping, rep­re­sent­ing the newParty cen­tral lead­er­ship, said that stick­ing to the prin­ci­ples of the Party strictly rul­ing the Party, ef­fec­tively solv­ing the prom­i­nent prob­lems of the Party, im­prov­ing the Party’s work­ing style and en­sur­ing it has close links with the peo­ple, were the re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of the newlead­er­ship in or­der to en­sure the Party is a strong core for So­cial­ist cause with Chi­nese char­ac­ter­is­tics.

This is the Party lead­er­ship’s un­der­stand­ing of na­tional gov­er­nance, as well as its solemn com­mit­ment to so­ci­ety.

Strictly rul­ing the Party in an all-round way is the fourth of Xi’s guid­ing prin­ci­ples for gov­er­nance known as the Four Com­pre­hen­sives, and it has been in­cor­po­rated into the Party lead­er­ship’s na­tional gov­er­nance.

Start­ing from im­prov­ing the work­ing style of its mem­bers and res­o­lutely car­ry­ing out the an­ti­cor­rup­tion cam­paign, the Party lead­er­ship has made the con­struc­tion of a clean gov­ern­ment one of its pri­or­ity tasks.

The Party lead­er­ship has shown its de­ter­mi­na­tion to fight against the four un­healthy work­ing styles of for­mal­ism, bu­reau­cratism, he­do­nism and ex­trav­a­gance, which have un­der­mined peo­ple’s trust in the Party.

The eight-point code of be­hav­ior it in­tro­duced struck at the four prob­lems, which peo­ple were be­com­ing in­creas­inglly con­cerned about and crit­i­cal of, and its ef­fec­tive im­ple­men­ta­tion and en­force­ment of the eight-point code has been warmly wel­comed by the pub­lic.

The Cen­tral Com­mit­tee’s re­solve in en­sur­ing the code and its set­ting an ex­am­ple for the whole of the Party have given the pub­lic more con­fi­dence in the Party and its rule.

It has dared to strictly “rule the Party in an all-round way”, and in this way it has in­stilled con­fi­dence in its lead­er­ship.

And, in strictly rul­ing the Party, it has strength­ened the aware­ness among Party mem­bers that they should be peo­ple-ori­ented and try to solve the prob­lems that peo­ple are most con­cerned about. This is also an ef­fec­tive de­ter­rent to un­healthy work­ing styles and cor­rup­tion.

The Three Stricts and Three Stead­ies cam­paign— that of­fi­cials should be strict in cul­ti­vat­ing their moral char­ac­ter, pre­vent­ing abuse of power and in dis­ci­plin­ing them­selves; and steady in their plan­ning of un­der­tak­ings, start­ing of un­der­tak­ings and in con­duct­ing them­selves— has in­cor­po­rated the proper work­ing style of the Party into the prac­ti­cal work of the gov­ern­ment down to the grass­roots level.

At present, strate­gic de­ploy­ment and sys­tem­atic con­struc­tion are the key tasks for the Party. It’s high time the lead­er­ship’s vi­sion of clean gov­er­nance be­came the con­sen­sus of the Party, which in turn would pro­vide a solid ide­o­log­i­cal ba­sis for im­prov­ing the con­struc­tion of the Party. On one hand, the Party’s po­lit­i­cal cul­ture and ecol­ogy need to be re­fash­ioned. On the other hand, con­struc­tion of the Party or­ga­ni­za­tions at the grass­roots level, as well as the con­nec­tions be­tween Party mem­bers and Party or­ga­ni­za­tions should be en­hanced, as this would ef­fec­tively in­cor­po­rate the Party mem­bers into the Party’s con­struc­tion cause. Af­ter all, the Party is de­pen­dent on its mem­bers. The au­thor is direc­tor of the Cen­ter for Anti-cor­rup­tion Stud­ies, China Univer­sity ofMiningand Tech­nol­ogy, Bei­jing.

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