Thurs­day World’s largest tele­scope finds six new pul­sars

China Daily (USA) - - NEWS CAPSULE -

Chi­nese re­searchers have dis­cov­ered six pul­sars, which are su­per heavy rem­nants of mas­sive stars, us­ing the world’s largest sin­gle-dish ra­dio tele­scope.

It is the first time Chi­nese sci­en­tists have dis­cov­ered pul­sars us­ing the world’s largest Five­hun­dred-me­ter Aper­ture Spher­i­cal Ra­dio Tele­scope, known as FAST.

“Pul­sars are su­per dense cores of mas­sive stars that went su­per­nova and died, hence they have in­cred­i­ble mass, ex­tremely strong mag­netic fields, and they spin like a clock and shoot out strong beams of elec­tro­mag­netic ra­di­a­tion,” said Li Di, the tele­scope’s deputy chief en­gi­neer.

“The con­di­tions on a pul­sar are far more ex­treme than any lab sim­u­la­tion on Earth. Ex­am­in­ing them and see­ing how they in­ter­act with other stars can help us tackle ma­jor sci­en­tific is­sues, such as the ori­gin and evo­lu­tion of the uni­verse, find­ing grav­i­ta­tional waves and nav­i­gat­ing space­craft.”

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