Shi Hongyuan

China International Studies (English) - - India’s Involvement In Global Governance:principle -

is a professor at the School of History and Culture, Henan University.

1 The concept of global governance has various definitions, but a representative and authoritative one is given by the Commission on Global Governance: “Governance is the sum of the many ways individuals and institutions, public and private, manage their common affairs. It is a continuing process through which conflicting or diverse interests may be accommodated and co-operative action taken. It includes formal institutions and regimes empowered to enforce compliance, as well as informal arrangements that people and institutions either have agreed to or perceive to be in their interest.” See Commission on Global Governance, Our Global Neighborhood: The Report of the Commission on Global Governance, Oxford University Press, 1995.

2 Arpita Anant, “Global Governance and the Need for ‘Pragmatic Activism’ in India’s Multilateralism,” Strategic Analysis, Vol.39, No.5 (2015), p.488.

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