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6 The so-called “Arunachal Pradesh” is roughly equal to the South Tibet region as China claims. The region is currently under Indian actual control. In 1987, India illegally established the “Arunachal Pradesh,” which the Chinese government has never recognized.

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9 The Tawang region belongs to Cona County in Shannan Prefecture, Tibet. It is an important political and religious center in South Tibet. Tawang has been part of Chinese territory since the ancient times. In February 1951, Indian soldiers invaded and occupied Tawang. Though the Chinese army recovered Tawang during the China-indian border war in 1962, China took the initiative to withdraw in January 1963 and the Indian army took Tawang again. At present the area is under India’s actual control.

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14 The South Tibet region refers in particular to the area illegally occupied by India in the eastern section of the China-india boundary. The area is the part of Shannan and Nyingchi prefectures in the southern side of the Himalaya Mountains and the southeastern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, including most claimed territories of Cona, Lhunze, Metok and Zayu counties of the Tibet Autonomous region.

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